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By Michael
Troy, MI
great light
March 5, 2020
Instructions are lacking good info. Found better info on youtube. Good price here.
By Frank
Very bright
October 29, 2019
Outstanding performance superior packaging quick shipping great company and product
By Gary S.
Chicago, IL
Shame on Olight! Not Recomended!
June 23, 2019
Solidly built but that is all. Mine wound up dead after a few months and I sent it back to Battery Junction. They were kind enough to have it repaired but here I am less than a year later with another dead flashlight. For the $139.00 price (Mine was more because it was a complete kit) it should last a bit longer I would think. From all the other reviews here I am guessing it is the charging dock, as the battery is dead and unchargeable. I am going to try a replacement battery again because this light was supposed to be a forever light for me and the cost prohibits me from just tossing it. One reviewer here had the best idea, which is to trash the charging dock and charge the battery in a separate charger. The most irritating thing is this problem has to be known by the manufacturer, so why hasn't this thing been pulled from the market?
By David
Temecula, CA
Nice light when it works
September 5, 2018
I’ve had this light R50 Seeker Pro model for a little over a year. It is built out of high quality materials, very bright with a great throw. I like the docking station and how it will turn on automatically in the event of a power outage. That being said, I removed it from the dock recently and found it to have a dead battery as verified by volt meter. The battery will no longer accept a charge. After speaking to customer service, their solution is for me to buy a new battery. Im on the fence about whether I want to dump and more money into this or get something else. I also have two Klarus G20s and like them better as at least they are still working.
By ron
Lynnwood, WA
Great Light, but Beware of Potential for Battery Loss
January 25, 2018
I have 2 of these lights. Got the first one and had to have another to keep in my truck. This light is all that the manufacture claims. Good size, power and run time. Unfortunately The charging dock seems to be faulty. Not sure of the technical reasons for this but I've lost 2 batteries when using the 'R-Dock'. Of course the batteries failed after the 30 warranty. I believe it was about 6 weeks for one and 2 months for the other. After I replaced them I've only used the magnetic charging cable. I've had them for a little over a year now and haven't lost anymore batteries when using the cable to charge. I'm only giving this product a 3 star rating because of the problem with the charging dock and having to eat the cost of replacing the batteries that were damaged. Unfortunate as I've had good experiences with my other Olight products. I do recommend this light, but stay away for the charging dock. It may take longer to charge but you won't be surprised to find you have a dead battery when you take it from the dock.
ProsLight is great. charging cable works great.
Consavoid using charging dock. It may eat your batteries.
By Ed
Olight R50 seeker pro
January 17, 2018
like it a lot. Got it over a year ago and although i do not use it a lot it has really come in handy at home when i have needed to light up a bright area especially in the garage.
Prosgot it on sale brightest light i have like how the battery can be recharged in the light
Consnone so far
By Coleman
Peaks Island, ME
Too Undependable
September 4, 2017
I like this light when it works. Unfortunately most times I pick it up from the charger it will only come on for a few seconds and then the switch bezel lights up red as if the battery were dead. Sometimes if I thread the tail cap off and back on it will work fine, other times it really is dead. It has done this since new and I returned it once only to have the Battery Junction tech say he could not duplicate the problem. I figured out it was a tail cap issue so I trhead it off and on a few times before placing it in the charger hoping it will have a good enough connection to charge. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. It is so fickle I don't even bother with it anymore and feel I just wasted my money. Fair or not it has soured me on the Olight brand.
ProsNice size, bright when it works
ConsDoesn't work often enough to depend on it
By Lawrence
Olight R50 Seeker Pro
August 15, 2017
I wanted to use it for a little while before I gave my input. So far I am very impressed with its brightness, its throw and the way it looks and feels in your hand. The magnetic tip is another plus. I had ordered the LE Edition and the emergency light function is nice touch especially if the power in your house goes down and its charging. A dim light emits from the flashlight and it allows you to find it in the dark.
ProsStyling Brightness Magnetic ability
ConsLE Edition does not come with the USB charging cable :(
By Scott
Washington, USA
Olight R50 Seeker Pro LE
August 1, 2017
Avoid the LE kit. I bought the R50 Seeker Pro LE specifically for its "luxurious magnetic charging docking system." Be forewarned, if you leave the R50 in the charging dock for long periods of time, it will fry Olight's proprietary 26650 battery. Olight replaced the first dead battery claiming it came from a bad batch. Unfortunately, the replacement they sent also died. No law enforcement officer in his right mind would trust this light and charging system in the field. If you still want an R50, opt for the Standard Kit.
ProsNice size, up to 3,200 lumens, 250 meters of throw, up to 50 hours of runtime, IPX-8
ConsPoorly designed charging system, proprietary 26650 battery, hit or miss customer support from Olight
By Joe
Very Good Light, Dock needs Improvement- LE Version
July 12, 2017
I like this light a lot. It has multiple modes that are spaced well. I like Olight's switching. It makes it easily to access low, turbo quickly. Runtimes seem to be pretty good. Light does get warm on higher modes, but expected. Light is also heavier than expected, as others have said. However, it is balanced in your hand. It is a bit of an awkward size. A little to big for your pocket but smaller than you might want to holster. I do wish they had an optional pocket clip or a better holster option. The dock is actually the weakest point for me. I like the ease of use for charging with the dock. It allows for charging in the house or the car. However, when putting the light in to the dock it tends to not go right in because the magnet wants to grab towards the top of the dock and not seat the light into the base. Also, all of the mounts come pre attached with velcro. I would rather they be loose and I attach them if needed. Lastly, and my biggest gripe with the light is the auto turn on in power loss situations. This feature does work. The power to the dock is lost and the light turns on. However, even if it daytime and sunny, the light will turn on. There is no sensor to say, it is sunny, don't turn on right now. This means if you lose power in the morning and are gone all day, the light will still turn on (wasting precious battery power) when it is not needed. This is disappointing because even $5 backup flashlight / nighlights have the ability to recognize it is light and don't turn on
ProsBright Multiple Modes Ease of Use
ConsPocket Clip / Holster Options Dock Emergency On Function
By Chris
Kalamazoo, MI
Great light for EDC.
May 18, 2017
This light is a very good one to carry. I've carried smaller and they are fine to minimize your items you carry but this one is just the right size and weight for me. I'm retired from a maintenance job and also a "Flashlight Geek" UI is easy to learn. Olight makes some fantastic and useful lights.
NW Illinois
The switch is a show stopper
April 28, 2017
Great light. Here is the holdup: It does not suit my needs as an LEO due to the lack of switch protection: "Dude your light is on". No matter how careful I am to put it back in the holster situated "just right" the switch is easily activated when bumped.
By Charlie
Lost in the Woods
Throws a brilliant beam
April 14, 2017
This light has an exceptional beam for wide open areas.. The settings allow for the right amount of light in many circumstances. A spare battery may be purchased just in case for the extra long hours at work or on an adventure. I work in an environment that demands large amounts of light for significant periods of time.
ProsSmall and compact, easy to recharge...
ConsAlthough the battery is rechargeable, I could see where a second one would possibly need to be purchased for extended use.... not a 123 compatible battery.
By Keleko
Las Vegas
March 7, 2017
I would recommend this light because it packs a punch! It is bright light! Amazing
Pros-Awesome for the price. -Highly recommended.
By Flashlight F.
West Bloomfield, MI.
Outstanding Flashlight ! ! !
December 16, 2016
This light is very bright. Even on medium it is brighter that most flashlights. Excellent quality and magnetic base and charging station is very handy. Run time is very good at low, med and high. Turbo brightness is ridiculous. great light, highly recommended.
ProsCompact, bright, 4 well thought out light levels, charges in docking station, very good build quality.
ConsCould use a 10 lumen mode.
Denton, TX
R50 Seeker Pro
December 16, 2016
I like this flashlight as I had a R40 seeker flashlight before, it was better than the previous model due to the magnetic charging and not unlike the other one that you have to plug-in the usb to the body of the flashlight. The light is more brighter and more advance. I like Olight because it delivers what it's been saying, brighter and more advanced with regards to the new LED inside the flashlight. Thay is why I kept on buying the same brand for years since I've known this product.
By Darrin S.
Very floody light.
November 28, 2016
But I like floody lights, turbo is very bright but rarely used for me. Mostly low and medium and occasionally high, run times are great.
By Rick
OLight R50 Pro standard kit
November 23, 2016
An extremely versatile flashlight. User interface is excellent. An excellent light for law enforcement, security professionals and/or search and rescue personnel. I was hesitant to purchase a flashlight that uses rechargeable batteries, but this light has me thinking otherwise. Although you must use the OLight battery if you want to charge it in the flashlight I can't think of any negatives. The charging arrangement is simply a magnetic piece that is placed on the tail end of light and either plugged into a wall or USB port. Can't be any easier. If you do purchase a spare battery make sure you order the OLight 26650, 4500 mAh. You are able to use other than OLight 26650 batteries in this light with the same dimensions, but you will not be able to charge it in the light.
ProsPowerful beam with enough spill to be useful. User interface to include charging. Solid construction.
ConsNone that I can really think of. A bit heavier than I anticipated, but when you turn thus thing on and see the light it emits you won't mind the few extra ounces. In all fairness I' m also thinking of my little S1 Baton which is amazing and my edc.

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