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By Michael
Kinston, NC
January 29, 2018
Very happy with this.
Purchased for my wife to carry, strobe was a priority feature as well as size. She liked it. >>>>>M<<<<<
ProsPocket size, strobe, a def. plus.
By Rajendra
Oakland, CA
January 16, 2018
Small and bright.
I really like this little lite. It's amazingly brightness for it's size. The magnet really came in handy positioning it for work in a tight spot. It's almost perfect. The only improvement would be to position the button so it's easier to feel in the dark. Still it's much better than most lites this size which require two hands to twist the cap to turn it on.
ProsSmall, bright, and can be turned on with one hand.
ConsSymmetrical design makes it hard to find the on button in the dark.
By Gerardo
Del Rio, TX
December 28, 2017
Excellent buy. Me new EDC
By Shawn
University Park, MD
December 23, 2017
My First Olight
I purchased an S1 Baton when it first came out. I loved that light and wished I had something like it 25 years ago. Unfortunately, I lost it. Since then, I have purchased a few more. These lights on max power put out a tremendous amount of light. Yes this is not a thrower, but it can certainly light up a dark room with no problem. The magnetic tailcap is extremely useful and I have used it multiple times working on cars and inside rooms.
ProsSmall size, magnetic base, accepts rechargeable batteries.
By Skillet
Melbourne., AR
December 11, 2017
tiny powerhouse!
got this for $30 on black friday and wow what a deal. i use this alot and have rechargeable rcr123a batteries. my only complaint is i wonder what the runtime will be on rechargeable since they only hold about 700mah compared to 1400mah for nonrechargable ones. this is really a very very useful flashlight. just get one no disappointments.
Consnon that i can think of.
By Joseph
Sewell, New Jersey
December 5, 2017
Great Little Light
The S1 Baton is a great little light. My friends are amazed at how powerful it is for being so small. The magnet in the tailcap comes in quite handy for working on cars, etc. This standard edition only comes in cool white, but I'd buy one of these again in a heartbeat.
ProsSmall, lots of useful modes, magnetic tailcap
ConsOnly comes in cool white
By Terry
November 22, 2017
Great little light!
This flashlight is perfect for pocket carry.Though it is small it is still a very bright light. I really love the 4 different brightness levels this light has. The magnetic base is a very useful feature and it is very well made. I'm glad I made the purchase.
ProsSmall, 4 light levels, strobe, well made, magnetic base.
ConsIs not a rechargeable flashlight.
By Jim P
November 13, 2017
Great little light
Small & compact yet powerful Magnetic base is very handy
By Dave
Cincinnati, oh
August 30, 2017
The perfect flashlight
I love the size and ease of use. Can be carried anywhere. I have a 24/7 medical pump I have it in the case with the pump and I always have a light if the pump acts up in the night. I will be buying more for gifts.
ProsSize brightness and ease of use.
ConsNone at this time.
By mark
June 5, 2017
Excellent Flashlight !!!!!
This is the best value that I have ever gotten in a flashlight. It has amazing features and throws the light great. Unfortunatly I lost mine camping a couple of months ago and am about to order another one. I do not take it lightly when I loose a $45 anything, but this one is worth spending the money to have one again !!!!!
By Tommy
Charlotte, NC
May 2, 2017
A nice light.
Very small but a darn good light. Carry in a pocket or attach to your hat for hands free nighttime running. I am satisfied with my purchase.
ProsSmall adjustable output
By Joe
May 2, 2017
Might be the best CR123 light out there.
I really like the user interface on this light. Makes it easy to access moonlight (most used). Has memory for the other light outputs which is great. Runtime is very good as well. Very compact, You can clip it to your pocket or just throw it in the bottom. Magnetic can be a hassle once in a while when thrown in you pocket sticking to keys. However, it comes in handy more than you realize. This is a great everyday carry light, emergency light, or even backup camping light.
ProsSmall Compact Magnet
By Troy
League City, TX
April 7, 2017
every day carry light
Love this flash light! It is small and bright. Carry it every day. Have bought one for my father, brother, and one of my sons and they were surprised at how bright they are. The magnetic cap comes in handy and the moonlight feature is a nice to have!
Prossmall bright durable
By Steve
March 15, 2017
Surprisingly bright
Hard to believe so much light from such a small package. Carries well in shirt pocket or pants pocket and seems to be easy on the battery.
ProsSmall, lots of light, and makes a good EDC light.
ConsThe power button can be hard to find at times.
By Rusty
pasadena, TX
March 8, 2017
Best little flashlight around!
Great little flashlight. Have had one for over a year. Caught them on sale and bought two more to give away. Really like the clip to attach to a ball cap for hands free use. Great light output for a small package. Buy extra batteries if you use it a lot or better yet get some rechargeable ones. Hardley waver notice other in my pocket mad carry other everywhere. Would definitely recommend this light.
ProsSmall, lots of features, great output.
ConsEats batteries on high output, consider rechargeable.
By Bushape1
March 7, 2017
Best Light I've Ever Owned~!
Buy this light. It is easily the smallest 123 Batt. using light I've ever found & out performs many much bigger units. This thing is amazing. The run time on low is 25 Days!!! Think about that for a minute.... 25 Days! It isn't "bright" on lowest mode, but when you don't have any light it offers enough to see by. Also no more strobe or S.O.S.. Who really uses them anyway? Seriously have you ever been glad you had one of those modes? I have not. Just low medium & HIGH and ultra low is plenty. It's plenty tuff I've dropped mine a bunch & it still works perfect. This light is the Perfect Every Day Carry light in the truest sense of the word. Buy 2 it fits everywhere & in time of need if will more than get the job done.
ProsSuper small, durable, magnetic base is handy. It's easy to use and has a LONG Battery life. Perfect for EDC or car glove box or would go great in any bag. CR123's are cheap... less than a buck each when you shop right. And a single battery in this thing will lasts a long time.
By Joe
Oakville, CT
February 25, 2017
Small and Powerful
A small and powerful light which packs a strong beam. One downside, is that due to the location of it's on/off switch, it can easily be inadvertently turned on.
ProsSmall and powerful
ConsCan easily be inadvertently turned on
By steve.b
Katy, TX
January 19, 2017
Olight S1 Baton - #1
I own at least a dozen other flashlights but the Olight S1 Baton is my favorite EDC by far. I like mine so much that I bought a second one as a spare! With its small size I barely notice it in my pocket - it goes with me everywhere. It has a nice range of brightness settings and runs a very long time in "moonlight" mode. One of my favorite features is the magnetic tail cap - easily attaches to a cabinet door hinge for those DIY jobs under the kitchen sink; this flashlight is light enough and the magnet is strong enough that it will even attach to the head of the screw that holds on a light switch cover providing hands free light across the room when the power goes out. Great compact flashlight.
ProsSmall format, high quality construction, bright light for its size, magnetic tail cap, simple UI
By Bryan
Buford, GA
January 11, 2017
Great little light!
As many others have already said, big bang for the size. Obviously you can get an even brighter light in the same price range, but you will not get one that is as easy to carry(due to its very small size) or as light(weight wise). It is usually quicker and simpler to pull this one out than to fumble around with whatever sequence of swipes on your smartphone to use its light. Plus this light offers more levels, etc.
By Steven
San Diego, CA
January 10, 2017
Excellent no nonsense pocket light
If a simple on-off button is what you want, this light is perfect. Surprisingly small, ultra-lightweight, nice round evenly lit fill, no-roll and very nice to have magnetic base. The clip is hard to open/use but that is also a result of such a small light (not much to grab on to) which of course is also one of its greatest assets. The only room for improvement might include a charge status LED incorporated in the switch and a micro USB charge port.
ProsSmall size, nice bright fill light, magnetic base, no unnecessary modes; a simple on-off switch.
ConsClip is very hard to bend open to accommodate a pocket.
By Leroy
Paxton, NE
December 19, 2016
Great light
Like the small size. Also like the options- long press for moonlight, single press for medium, and double press for high. Very handy.
By monika
Bronxville, NY
December 6, 2016
Need to get accustomed to tiny size from the typical flashlight, but I bought it for a purpose-to keep in my purse in an emergency. I had a flat in pitch black on my first use and fumbled a bit attempting to find the on switch without glasses. Need tp practice, but I think it will prove to be very useful.
Proslightweight, small, lanyard prevents me from losing it; clips on inner bag
Conspower on button was hard to find in on cold, windy,pitch-black night while adding air to auto tire
By Hector
San Antonio, TX
December 5, 2016
Powerful and Compact
A great little light. Very small and compact but a powerful output of light. I highly recommend this light.
By Mike
WELLFORD, South Carolina
November 30, 2016
Great Tiny Light
The best little light i have ever bought
Prosvery useful clip, Bright light , SMALL powerful light
By hassiman
San Diego
November 30, 2016
My go-to every day. Just the best.
Wonderful bit of kit. Will buy another soon for the wife. Just incredible.
Proslong time low power low drain for emergency use. Bright wide throw for regular use.... sticks to metal for work in tight spaces.
By don
boynton beach, fl
November 22, 2016
Nice and small
Love the smallness, but was slightly disappointed that it didn't have Morse Code capability like by other flashlight. Also I didn't realize that the flashlight didn't come with batteries. Perhaps I missed this or the definition wasn't clear enough. I had to place an additional order for the batteries.
ConsNo morse code
By Astronomer1
Chesterfield, VA
November 16, 2016
It's OK, but the beam is WIDE
The lights works as advertised. I'm not that crazy about a single-button interface, preferring a second button that changes between brightness settings. It seems difficult to double-click or triple-click at the right cadence. The beam is really WIDE and so it's often necessary to go to turbo mode to cast enough light into the area I want to illuminate. Also, the moonlight mode is 0,.5 lumens, which is a bit weak. I prefer 1 or 2 lumens for moving around a bedroom or hotel room in the dark.
ProsTiny and compact.
ConsBeam is too weak in the uses I normally have for such a light. The old S10 is better.
By Michael
Hampton, VA
October 26, 2016
Olight S1
Love this little light, bright and compact.
By Amanda
Greensboro, PA
October 11, 2016
Perfect Every day carry.
love this little light, now i have to get another, as everyone else in my family seems to like it well, lol. good little power house of a light, tail stands , not mention clipping to a hat works great wen messing with plumbing issues. can't go wrong with this little light, not to mention using the rcr battery for it gets longer run times n uses the full power of the light to best of its ability.
By kenmack
Owens X Rds, AL
September 27, 2016
I Love This Light!
Small and easy to carry. In fact, it is so small and easy to carry that I often forget it is in my pocket when I get undressed. I've not laundered it yet, but have had to go to the hamper to retrieve it a couple of times. The switch is a little difficult to index and the clip is as others have stated.
ProsSmall Size
ConsThe switch is difficult to tactily locate. The clip is troublesome to use, but is secure when used correctly.
By Aaron
September 16, 2016
Olight Baton
Great little light!
ProsThe size is the biggest plus. Very bright for such a small light.
By MrGman
Corn fields of Iowa
September 2, 2016
great EDC pocket light
works well, easy to use without reading the manual. Like the 3 simple brightness modes, very handy to have
Prossmall size, very portable, high brightness, easy to use, nice carry strap
Consvery minor, the belt clip is a bit tight and hard to get on and off the belt, but this is not by any means a deal breaker. It will clip onto a hat and hold tight if needed.
By Ken
Houston, Texas
August 30, 2016
Plight S1 Baton
The S1 Baton is a tremendous and powerful light. In my opinion everyone should have this in their pocket or close by.
By BillZ
New York
August 30, 2016
Good light in a small package
This flashlight is brighter than some other flashlights that are 5xs larger. It is good for backpacking and camping, or just walking on the road so you can be seen. The magnet on the end is a great feature.
ProsSmall and powerful
ConsCan't narrow the beam.
By David
Fayetteville, GA
August 19, 2016
Great Compact Design
A great little light for pocket carry. Rechargeable just about anywhere. The magnet also makes the light really versatile.
ProsThe switch being on the side instead of the end.
August 7, 2016
Simply the best
It was a year or two ago that I bought an S10R Baton which is close to identical -- has all of the same features, just a hair not as bright. Since then, not a day or night has gone by where it hasn't been used. That's not an exaggeration. I do have a couple other lights that are considerably brighter, but the S10R Baton is almost always the one I use around the house and car, etc. The flat tail that allows it to stand on end and the magnet are both major conveniences as is the level of brightness in such a small package. The charging base is excellent, although since I already had about six of the RCR123 batteries around the house, I just keep several charged up and swap them out when needed. It's true that the batteries don't last long under regular use, but who cares when it's so easy to recharge the battery? The only thing that I don't like is the clip, but I wouldn't trade this light for anything. It's well worth the money.
ProsEverything except the clip, but that's not enough to keep me from buying another one.
ConsThe clip on mine can be a pain, particularly if you're not used to it. It gets hung up before it's fully secured.
August 1, 2016
very satisfy..
i am very happy wih it, very convinient ond easy to carry in a pocket , love it. great perfomence
Pros easy transition betwen mode ..just push and hold a botton. easy to carry...great brigth ligth
By Laurence
Brooklyn, New York
July 30, 2016
Small, but does it all
I needed a small, tough and reliable light for when I travel and the Olight S1 Baton fits the bill. One time on a night flight home my seatmate lost an earring taking off her headset. The dim lighting wasn't helping so I whip out my Olight S1 find the lost earring and saved the day as a bonus a flight attendant saw my light and asked where I got it and told her at battery junction. She said really. that's where I get all my batteries from. It's a small world ain't it.
ProsSmall, Clean clear light, Strong clip and simple to use.
By Bobby
Los Angeles, California
July 22, 2016
This flashlight is great!! I've bought a couple other brand name flashlights and I don't think highly of them. One was the Nitecore and the other was Jetbeam. Nitecore P10 and Jetbeam HR25 both had an issue with draining the battery and flickering. The Olight S1 Baton never gave me any issues. I charged the battery a couple times after a significant amount of use. The magnetic tailpiece is awesome! It's compact, powerful, easy to carry and very reliable. One of my best flashlights!!
ProsCompact, Powerful, Reliable
ConsNone so far
By Mike
July 17, 2016
Tiny but Mighty
I have the Olight Eos 1l which is now discontinued. The Eos was a handy dandy tiny light, twist head for on/off and mode change. This S1 Baton is even smaller! ( I would say only by about 2-3 mm) Amazing! Basically it is a re-engineered upgrade from the Eos with key differences. Much better clip, and the best part is a lot more controllable power from a touch button. The tail magnet is a nice touch that will surely be useful. Super compact with power right in the sweet zone and only needs 1 battery. Much more powerful, better quality and longer battery than the little, free micro zipper lights. Plus can use RCR123. Much cheaper in the long run. Its a bit expensive, even on sale. Great EDC.
ProsSuper small and light Very bright Solid clip Easy output adjustment Only 1 battery needed, even RCR123
ConsEasy to loose if you don't use the lanyard Expensive
By Richard Monckton
New Hampshire
July 16, 2016
Awesome Lil light
Small package but awesome light. Perfect for someone who works on machines. Small enough to fit your pocket , but powerful enough to light up a room.
ProsSmall, compact, many light levels, we'll made, rugged, strobe function, reasonable price.
ConsHaven't found any yet
July 16, 2016
As advertised, but:
Light is exactly as advertised but is not what I need for EDC. I use my EDC numerous times during the day and the side button is not easy to use. I will continue to use my larger M18 with the push button tail cap.
ProsSmall, reasonably bright, and has magnetic end cap.
ConsSwitch is not convenient. Light is so small it is easy to lose track of.
By Glen D Thrasher
June 28, 2016
Good for EDC
I definitely like the product I like the fact that it's extremely lightweight fit pretty easily into my pocket and has a magnetic back cap what a great little thought to do something like that overall I write it very high and that it is a very simplistic design and functional
ProsI like the way that it is a very light weight mini flashlight and that you get 500 lumens out of such a small little flashlight
Consas far as cons the only problem was the clip that is on the mini flashlight it was a little hard to clip on at first until you get it too clip to your pocket
By Jason n
Youngstown Ohio
June 27, 2016
Great product
By Ron P.
Plymouth, Mi
June 20, 2016
Tiny but Bright
I purchased a Titanium edition of this several years ago and loved it. People disregarded it's light output due to it's size, but once they saw what it can do they reconsidered. So I recently I bought a second one for my wife for bringing the dog out and other tasks such as an emergency light. I was surprised it was smaller (approx. 1/4" shorter) and lighter than the older Titanium edition, but still packs a punch for the size. The only thing I don't like is no lens over the LED to protect it. Otherwise a nice little light. I have a "Spares Carrier" from Surefire to carry extra batteries. I have numerous flashlights from tactical, to flood ant the Tiny Monster search light. This is a nice addition than you can carry in a pocket with no problem.
ProsA lot of light in a very small light.
ConsNo lens to cover the LED.
June 13, 2016
Baton flashlight
My new EDC pocket light Super! , small light plenty of power.
By Samuel
June 12, 2016
Satisfied Customer
Incredibly small, bright, very nice push button switch, feelable, even with big thumbs, easy usable interface and an enjoyable EDC light.
By Michael
Phoenix, NY
June 12, 2016
Great EDC
I tormented over buying this for nearly a year; I'm glad I finally did. This replaced a Fenix EDC I had with a twist on/off. I really love the small size, lumen output, and the pushbutton on/off. I recently took it backpacking and used the moonlight mode in my tent overnight as a nightlight. I think this light does everything right for it's design class. The magnetic tailcap is an added bonus!
ProsModes are a good selection, size is great, battery life excellent, ergonomics nice!
By Skip
Chicago, IL
June 6, 2016
Incredibly Bright - Incredibly Tiny
Great light. Really small (essentially a slightly large keychain light) with blinding output.. Worth the price
By Ed
Randolph, MA
June 5, 2016
great light
have had the light for about a month, it's great. amazing power fro its size. Can carry it in any pocket. You will not be spending a lot for batteries. Well worth the price.
Prospower/ brightness. only need on battery. can carry anywhere. Price
By Joseph
May 24, 2016
I am amazed at how small and compact this light is. I knew it was small but it is smaller than I anticipated. Won't even feel it in your pocket. Have only played with it at this point but it will be a great light to throw in your pocket to make sure you have a light with you. Very high quality.
Prossmall size, quality
So. Cal.
May 17, 2016
Packs a punch
The S1 Baton was smaller than I had expected. The different levels are well spaced. Low is not too low to be useful, which is very nice. Its UI is very easy. The beam is a good combination of hot spot and spill beam. My only gripe is the switch is too easy to activate while in my front pants pocket. This is a perfect light for clipping into a side pocket/pouch of an EDC bag though. Very well made.
By robert desmarais
MA - Massachusetts
May 15, 2016
olight s1 baton
i own many lights and this is far the best for every day carry! highly recommended!
By Daniel Bacskai
, Round Rock, TX
May 14, 2016
Great light
EVERYBODY is marveled when I pull it out of my pocket and activate the light
Prosbright light, decent battery life
By Roy
South Central Kansas
April 22, 2016
Bright Adjustable Light...Small Form Factor...A Real Winner!
Been looking for a brighter & smaller flashlight to go in the field for work and dress functions. It's twice the lumens with adjustable lighting power at half the size of my belted Terralux 220 and it slips in my pocket so onlt I know. Even on sale it's twice the price but with accessory lanyard, magnetic base, extra strobe function and good beam spread...it's KILLER. As always BJC purchase was smooth and timely on delivery. My bride was impressed and she appears looking at whenever it's out of my pocket. May have to watch that a little closer.
ProsCree LED and swell microprocessor control. Well manufactured and unobtrusive for those small spaces. Regular or rechargable CR123A powered. Magnetic screw cap base helps hold and pull the battery out for replacement. No more dropping that battery on the floor when changing out for a fresh one.
ConsHAven't found any. Does the small jobs well.
By Sandy
Cameron, SC
April 19, 2016
Great light a little pricey
Easy to use and really bright
ProsExtremely bright for size
By Tom
Colorado Springs CO
April 19, 2016
Great Flashlight
The s1 Baton is prefect to keep with you. Small, light and easy to operate. It will make a prefect gift for my son who always has his Surefire with him. This light is more convenient.
ProsPrefect for daily use and has a very strong light when in the highest range. This little light is so small it might get lost with your car keys in your pocket.
ConsBattery life on the highest setting is short, but that is expected with one CR123 battery and the power the lamp needs.
By Richard
Amherst, Ohio
April 3, 2016
Great little light!
Very compact. Lots of light output considering how small it is. Great everyday carry. Quality built.
By Jeff
Arlington, Texas
April 1, 2016
Just a Great Little Light
Super bright! Also really like the 3 level settings...low is just barely on and visible but high is as bright as a couple of my much larger and more expensive lights.
By David
Riverside, IL
March 30, 2016
Best flashlight in the market for the size. You have to see it to believe it!
ProsSize 500 lm
By Steven
Clifton Nj
March 29, 2016
I like how small the flashlight is and how bright it works!!!
ProsI like how mini and bright it is!!!
By Gary
Sedona, AZ
March 26, 2016
Olight S1 Baton Flashlight
I first purchased one of these in August 2015. I'd been carrying a nano type flashlight for a couple of years, mainly because I wanted something that fit in the 'watch' pocket of my jeans. But I'd gotten tired of replacing the 4 tiny hearing aid batteries it needed. Hearing aid batteries are pricey. Saw this and decided to give it a go, I liked its many features: brightness levels (4) and strobe function. It fits the watch pocket, big plus, great features and operation, bigger plus! So I decided to purchase a second one of these, just to make sure I'd always have one available. Highly recommend these flashlights. Get one, I don't think you'll doing so.
ProsSize Features Battery life Durability Operation
ConsNone I can think of. If there were I wouldn't have purchased another.
By Bob
March 24, 2016
Incredibly handy little flashlight
When I first received this flashlight I thought how well could such a small light work? Well after two days both outside and around the house it has been very helpful on many tasks. The best part is it fits in your pocket easily and is always with you. A great EDC flashlight.
ProsConvenient. Bright. Well made.
By Gale
Provo, Utah
March 15, 2016
Better Than Expected
I've been looking for a small light to carry on an up coming Africa safari. Couldn't be happier with this purchase it surely fills the bill as a small very bright light. I am usually very skeptical at buying on line but the quality of this light is better than expected.
ProsLight, bright and easy to carry.
ConsShould come with a warning that family and friends will try to swipe it lol.
By Mike
Dallas Texas
March 13, 2016
Awesome Light!
This light is perfect for daily use and it fits in a pocket perfectly. The magnetic base is very nice for placing the light in a postion to allow hands free work. The clip design allows for this light to be put on a cap bill as well.
ProsNice bright light Magnetic Base for hands free use Small compact size
By rotor
Comox, BC
March 11, 2016
I have to agree with all the other reviews I've read about this product. Hard to believe such a small light could perform so well. Highly recommended. A little pricey for us Canadians with our dollar being so low, but I still love it.
ProsTiny and powerful
By John
Orleans, MA
March 8, 2016
Macro Photography
I am into macro photography and using a flash is always an extreme pain. I have been toying around with using LED lights as a replacement and when I saw this light I had to gave it a try. I ordered two of them and the lights are amazing. I use one on each side of the subject. The color of the light works well in photos and the magnetic base aids in holding them where I want them.
ProsSize, Light color (temperature), brightness, magnetic base
ConsI honestly cannot think of any.
By Robert Barnthouse
Salt lake city Utah
March 6, 2016
Olight S1 Baton Flashlight
Excellent flashlight very bright and good battery life and fits good in the front pants pocket and Great service from BATTERY JUNCTION
ProsSize,Battery life Brightness and Excellent Quality
By Robert
yardley, PA
February 26, 2016
Great small and bright
Ordered two and love them very bright light in a small package.
By Darryl
Fremont, CA
February 24, 2016
Great little light!
Love this Light! Low, medium and high all are useful. I really like the little clip, it's easy to just stick it on the bill of my baseball hat and have a very useful headlamp. The small size is easy to keep in your pocket. Everyone I work with wants one.
ProsGreat size, works well and durable.
ConsI should bought two.
By mark
Hayward California
February 21, 2016
smallest light ever
I ordered one just to try as I am always looking for a small single cell rcr123 battery light I have to say this is the smallest so far. I use lights at work and unfortunately this one only lasted 1 hour before a coworker talked me into selling it to him. Now I have ordered another to use for myself
By Mike
February 14, 2016
Sweet little EDC light.
ProsCompact. Bright enough for average use.
ConsNot as bright as I was hoping.
By Esteban
February 12, 2016
Great compact light weight flashlight
I never write reviews. At 500 lumens, this little flashlight along with the long battery shelf life is incredible (it only uses 1ea CR123A)! This solves the problem of having dead batteries in your flashlight when you need it most--like in your car. It also has several brightness settings to conserve power and a magnetic back to attach to anything metal--like when changing a tire or working in a confined space. It is super light and small and can be carried in a woman's purse--which is why I am buying some for my wife and daughters.
By Juanma
Rahway, NJ
February 11, 2016
Super mini
It is smaller than expected but very handy and powerful. love it.
By Richard
Gainesville, FL
February 7, 2016
Really different!
Recently I've been using flashlights based on the 18650 rechargeable battery almost exclusively because of their great output and the ability to recharge the batteries or substitute pairs of CR123's in sleeves in a pinch. Sometimes, though, a "full-sized" 18650 is just too big to carry in dress pants or lightweight summer clothes. Up till now that has meant falling back on button-cell keychain lights or more recently the excellent little Nitecore Tube rechargeable, but they are really limited in output. The S1 has changed all that. Now I have a flashlight I can carry almost everywhere without compromising on power, and the ability to run on CR or RCR batteries means it's much more affordable as a practical everyday use light.
ProsSmall, lightweight, bright, rechargeable, modes for a variety of conditions
ConsNo cover for reflector, switch can be hard to find (especially with gloves)
By George
Vincennes Ind
February 7, 2016
S1 Great lite, But-
Does not have memory function nor will the diffusers fit this light.
By Gil T
(Duluth) Ga
February 5, 2016
Great, Small and powerful.
This little Flashlight far exceeded the advertisement. The beefy clip was a great surprise. Every LEO (Police man) needs a light like this for a backup. Powerful and small enough to put on your duty belt, vest pocket or neck knife lanyard. I have been extremely pleased with this purchase, wish I had bought a dozen to give others.
By Keith
Sunbury, OH
February 5, 2016
Better than expected
The light is incredibly small and works extremely well as a pocket dweller. I wanted a light that I could carry comfortably in my pocket without too much bulk or weight but that was powerful enough to provide real working or emergency illumination. The button operation is solid. This light has four modes. Hold the button in and it comes on in moonlight mode. VERY useful when coming in late at night and everyone is asleep and you don't want to kill yourself on furniture. Perfect and not too bright. A simple single button press form the off position will turn the light on in one of three brightness modes. The last mode used is stored in memory. I use the middle brightness for memory. The high setting can be achieved by a double light press while the light is off. This is a great feature since you can go full power instantly. Finally, there is a triple press while the light is on, which produces a high intensity strobe. Additionally, there are two timer modes but honestly, not sure what I would use those for. The tail cap magnet is plenty strong enough to hang the light about anywhere. I showed this to a friend earlier this week and he ordered two of them for his personal protection detail guys. I have many lights and have carried many lights over the years but this light is as near to perfect as you can get for an EDC (IMHO). The light beam is set up as more of a focused flood if that makes sense. The beam at three to four feet is approx. 24-28" across but clean on the edges and consistent color of white. This thing THROWS the light and really lights up the area directly in front. What I don't like about it: 1. It comes in too many finish and material choices (I picked the basic one) 2. I can't afford to buy them all and.... 3. ...if I did, I would have to flip a coin as to which one to carry because they are ALL cool. Battery Junction: Easy to order from and quick shipping. Always a coupon code available to make it less painful and realiable product support.
ProsLight weight, small, exceptional beam quality, magnetic tailcap and waterproof
ConsThey aren't free, my wife still doesn't understand "why" I NEED it, you can't eat it in a pinch
By Jay
St. Louis, MO
February 5, 2016
I loved it
I like you so much I took three so far.
By Ron
Lansing, IL
February 2, 2016
Bright and compact.
This item is a little pricey so I'm glad it was on sale. It is well made and works just as it said it would. No experience with battery life but we got the rechargeable batteries to use in it. The operating instructions referred to some sort of protective device that the batteries were supposed to contain. The package for the rechargeable batteries stated that they did contain this device.
ProsCompact. Well made and solid-feeling.
By Rick
February 2, 2016
Poweful little light
Great little EDC. Don't even know your carrying this little light and it puts out plenty of light.
ProsSize, power and light weight
ConsSide switch. Light is so small I'm not sure that a tail switch would work in addition to possibly making the light larger.. The light has been accidentally turned on while in my pocket on several occasions.
By Noah Gladstone
Bensalem PA
February 2, 2016
Great flashlight
This is a powerhouse of a light.. Great for everyday carry. Amazing amount of light in a tiny package. I would recommend this to everyone.
By Luke
Syracuse, NY
February 2, 2016
Great light but I think I'd prefer a tail switch instead
This is a fine little light and is very well made of quality materials and has some neat features like the multi-mode power setting, magnetic tail cap, belt clip and lanyard are included, etc. It's small enough to fit in a pocket all day long and you don't even notice it. The only thing that bugs me a little is the on/off switch on the side is hard to find, especially when it's dark out (duh). It doesn't have enough size or texture that you can find it with your finger by feel. I position the belt clip directly opposite the on/off button and this does seem to help if I remember that position.
ProsLightweight, high quality, very bright for its size, long battery life.
ConsOn/off button too small to find easily.
By Mac
Little Egg Harbor N. J.
February 2, 2016
The best every day Cary light I have ever used. Great versatility and options.
ProsSize, and setting options. Battery life.
By Dennis G
Nashville, Tennessee
February 2, 2016
really impressed
I'm a cop. Flashlights are second only to my firearms. If I'm leaving my house, this one goes with me. I like it alot. Cost is high. Benefits are higher.
ProsDoes everything I need it to. High output, moonlight mode and strobe are fantastic.
ConsCosts alot.
By Joe
February 1, 2016
Geeze, this light is tiny! Glad it comes with a clip AND a lanyard. Output is great & mostly use it on the lowest setting. Rechargeable batteries installed & fit just fine.
ConsTiny & wouldn't take it out without the lanyard. Kinda expensive
By Joe
Stow Ohio
January 31, 2016
Great light!
This flashlight is very small but puts out a great beam of light.
ProsLot of light in a small package.
ConsHard to work with winter gloves on.
By Bobby
Los Angeles, CA
January 29, 2016
Olight S1 Baton Flashlight
I've had this flashlight for about 2 weeks now. It's an awesome flashlight!! Very compact and powerful. I have a Nitecore flashlight with 800 lumens and the 300 lumens difference is barely noticeable when I compare the brightness side by side on my bedroom (white) wall. I'm sure the throw is better on the Nitecore but I'm only using the Olight as my everyday work light and the uses are of close distances. Highly recommend the Olight.
ProsCompact, lightweight, powerful.
By twelveblocks
January 29, 2016
great edc
I love this light and it goes everywhere I do. Very bright, easy switching control, and durable.
ProsEasy to carry, very bright
By james
January 26, 2016
olight s1 flashlight
there is absolutely no way that this much light can come from something this small, so it must be magic. you will not be disappointed if you buy this light
Prosextremely powerful for its size, can use rechargeable batteries or non rechargeable 123 batteries
By Bryce Percival
Little Switzerland, NC
January 24, 2016
Nice small pocket flashlight.
I had issues getting the strobe feature to work.
ProsI like the Moonlight feature.
By Jack
San Carlos, CA
January 23, 2016
Really nice everyday carry flashlight
I have purchased six LED flashlights over the past 5 years, of various sizes and types. The Olight S1 Baton is my favorite flashlight by far. Why? 1) I love the size. It is entirely pocketable. Just disappears in my pants pocket. So I can carry it with me whenever I go out at night. I can also clip it to my baseball cap if I want a killer headlamp. 2) I love the user interface. For example: - From the "off" position, you hold down the button two seconds and you get the "moonlight" mode. - From the "off" position, you press the button once and it turns on the last brightness that you used. - From the "off" position, you press the button twice and you instantly get maximum brightness. But this isn't remembered, so if the last brightness that you used before your double-click was low, the next time you turn on the S1 Baton it will give you low. - From the "on" position, you press and hold the button 1 second and the flashlight advances to the next level of brightness. 3) The brightness levels are entirely satisfying. The level I use the most is "low", which is 8 lumens. I use low to walk around the bedroom at night without disturbing my spouse. The "high" level (500 lumens) is very impressive for a light this small. Five years ago I purchased an almost identical size flashlight from 4Sevens called the "Quark Mini 123"; it was the leader in its class in terms of output, and it only delivered 189 lumens. So we've got a kind of "Moore's Law" going on in the field of LED flashlights, which I think is great. 4) The beam pattern is quite nice. The total internal reflection (TIR) flashlight head really is amazing. It creates a moderate size flood pattern that is very uniform. Personally, I think a flood pattern is better for most situations than a typical pattern that has a hot spot in the middle. I guess if you were doing something like searching for a lost dog in the woods you would want a different flashlight that throws a small, tight beam. So that's why you should have at least two flashlights! :-) 5) The light color is quite nice. I would call it a cool white. It is more neutral than most of my other flashlights which tend toward green or blue. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is the button. I find it a bit hard to find and to press. I would prefer if the button were more raised. But I know that other people would complain that a raised button gets pressed by mistake. So I don't fault the Olight designers for the choice that they made. In sum, the Olight S1 Baton is my new friend, my enthusiastic everyday companion. I highly recommend it.
Prossmall size and weight great user interface high output excellent user interface pleasing beam pattern pleasing light color
Consbutton is a bit hard to find and press
By Beth
January 21, 2016
Tiny titan!
I own half a dozen Battery Junction flashlights, but this one makes me laugh. It's comical how much light comes out of this teeny guy/
By Just1mor
January 21, 2016
Short . . . . Very Short . . . .
Folks, This review will be exactly as the Olight S-1 Baton is . . . . "Short, Very Short" . When I received this box along with other goodies from Battery Junction, I thought " No way is this light going to work in my big mitts " . . . . But work it has. At work, at home, outside getting the trash cans out, checking on the horses, etc. & etc. It has worked so well, I am now the proud owner of 4 of these that are in various places throughout our home & property. Trust me, it is the best bargain under $50 you have done for yourself in a long time . . . . Be safe.
ProsSize / Power of beam / Strong pocket clip / Run time on a rechargeable battery / Did I mention the magnet ???
ConsCan a " Pro " also be a " Con " / Be careful where you lay this light / That magnet is one strong piece of work & will pick up anything metallic within 8"-10", especially other flashlights if they are in the same box or storage container
By jeff thompson
United States
January 18, 2016
Superior illumination device
The S1Baton is an excellent product. It is very bright, extremely compact and loaded with features. It is a constant companion.
ProsSize, magnetic tail cap, clip, various brightness settings, 1 battery
By Rudy Verdin
Sahuarita Az
January 2, 2016
under rated pocket beast
it exceeds mfr specs by 100 lumens with 16340
Prossmall did I mention bright? l great user interface (ui) TIR lens gives it great flood beam up to 50 yards
Conssmall sometimes too all I've lost a couple but I love it so ouch I keep buyingore
By Nathan
Fenton, MI
December 27, 2015
Great Little Light
I have ordered these for the house to take the dog on walks and for my wife's and my cars. They are great for the cars because of the magnate and the small size allows them to be stored by the drive in case an accident keeps you from getting to the back seat or trunk. I have also give them as Christmas presents and everyone loved them!
By John
Worthington, Ohio
December 14, 2015
the best ultra compact flashlight
The problem with most really bright flashlights is that they're a bit too bulky to take everywhere with you. Not so for the Olight S1 Baton. Running on only one CR123A battery, it produces an incredible amount of light for its size. With two quick taps of the ON/OFF button you get 500 lumens at least! With only one tap, you get a light bright enough for almost everything, and three taps gives you a blinding strobe light. What I like best about this rugged little light source is that it's so compact it takes less room than my keys in my pocket. I also like the easy to find 123 battery it uses. I've owned HUNDREDS of flashlights ranging in light from only a dozen lumens to 1500 lumens, but this Olight s2 Baton is now my constant companion.
By Ronald
Woodland Hls, CA
December 5, 2015
Right Size Right Price Right Light
I keep this with me all the time. It has yet to "turn on" by itself. Although I seldom use the higher settings, I love that I could really get some heavy light out of it, if I needed to do so. Might just get another.
ProsSize - Brightness
By Russell
South Dennis, MA
November 26, 2015
Perfect Size
I have quite a few EDC lights, But by far this is one of the brightest lights for its size. It will be difficult to get much better than this one. The S1 went to the front of the line ahead of my S10R.
By David Kramer
Tucson, AZ
November 20, 2015
Excellent Pocket Light
Easily clips on the shirt Pocket, Nice and bright with a broad spot coverage, Lumin's easily adjusted, with button.
ConsBig hands Might have a problem, with it's small size, the 015 or 020 might be better..
By Alan
, Springfield, VA
November 17, 2015
Just about perfect
The more I play with this flashlight the more I appreciate the thought that went into designing it. High is really bright. Medium is good for most outdoor activities. The low level is perfect for inside the house. Moonlight can be used in a car at night without disturbing the driver. I like the memory function and I like being able to access moonlight from the off position. The powerful magnet in the tail is the icing on the cake.
ProsThe low medium and high levels are perfect for my use. Moon light mode is good. Nice tight clip. Magnet in tail.
By Jon
New Port Richey, FL
November 7, 2015
tiny sun
Its been a long time since I was impressed by a pocket light , this small(really small) Jem is amazing, and with the well thought out levels it provides the right amout of light for any occasion and run times that astonish. beautifully made and reasonably priced, another winner from olight
By Danny
Carthage, MO
October 23, 2015
Olight never dissapoints
How they can get this much light in this small of a flashlight is just amazing!
By L.T.
Oswego, IL
October 23, 2015
olight s1 baton
So awesome I bought two! Now just waiting for the titanium one to come out!
By Pierre
Montreal, Canada
October 9, 2015
Unbelievable power in such a small unit
You won't believe how powerful this tiny light is. Portability has been refined-without sacrificing lighting power. This light is now replacing my other tacticals for nighttime running.
By Ed
Crestline, CA
October 5, 2015
An amazing light, lightweight and powerful.
By Brian
October 5, 2015
Small but powerful
Great flashlight. Very compact size, but offers significant power as well as moon-mode. Great EDC. Very happy with quality. Magnet in tailcap is also very useful to mount. I purchase additional lights for family.
By Tony
Syracuse, NY
October 5, 2015
Easy-to-use power in a small package
The S1 Baton is small enough to easily fit into any pocket. Yet, on the highest power of 500 lumens, supplies more than enough light for most circumstances. As a health care professional, I appreciate the small, convenient size, so easy to carry on daily rounds with an easy-to-use button switch to change intensity. The quality of the light source is excellent, rendering colors true. A must-have for anyone wanting a convenient, small and versatile light.
By Jack Fujita
Watsonville, CA
October 4, 2015
Great little light
Great flashlight, of all the small flashlights I have, this one is the brightest, but more of a flood pattern, which I like. Easy-to-operate side switch works great. Will definitely get a couple for Xmas presents.
ProsBright light. Nice side switch. Nice broad beam.
By Jon
Honolulu, Hawaii
October 3, 2015
Excellent product
Compact, easy to carry and relatively easy to use. Only drawback is having to cycle through the brightness settings. Really like the lowest setting which saves your night vision and doesn't give away your position. Loop it around your belt loop and stick it in your pocket. You'll easily forget it's there, but when you need it, it's there.
Pros--Compact --Light --Multiple settings
By Russ
Space Coast, Florida
October 2, 2015
10 on a 10 scale
Perfect EDC--tiny little light in your pocket with a convenient easy-to-use switch for on-off and adjustments of power. For daytime use illuminating dark spaces, nighttime security or as my go-to super ultralight weekend hiking and camping lamp, this is just what I was looking for.
Pros--Ultra lightweight --Small size factor for beam intensity --Easy-to-use side switch --Convenience - a light is no good if you didn't bring it. This is perfect. --Nice, useful beam spread
Cons--A bit pricey --Could be a slightly more focused center beam
By Nathan
Salt Lake City, UT
October 2, 2015
Awesome compact
I love this light! It is super small but super bright with brightness options. Clips to belt or pocket or web gear for quick access and easier to carry. I like the magnetic base-it's great for hands-free work or storing. Excellent battery life, too!
ProsReally small, perfect for belt carry. Magnetic base. Bright.
ConsNo lens over bulb to protect it
By Mark
Marietta, GA
October 2, 2015
Great light
I have the Olight S10 and have been very happy with its function and features. When I read about the S1, it sounded even better; smaller, more lumens, same general feature set. Well, now that I've received the light, I can confirm, that for my purposes, it is a better light. It is noticeably smaller and the beam has a broader central area. That works well for my uses. Side by side, the S10 beam is a bit more of a "thrower" with a narrower central beam with good spill. But the S1 has a broad, flat and very bright central beam which makes it more useful for looking for things, searching in the dark, lighting up a bigger area with useful light. All in all, a great little light that I would recommend even if you already have the S10.
Pros--Smaller and brighter --Broader central beam
ConsNone for how I use the light
By Shige
Brooklyn, New York
October 2, 2015
Lightweight, small enough, bright enough. I love it.
By Michael
New York
October 2, 2015
Awesome light--already on my keychain!
Best light for the size, lumens and price.
By William Guidice
Mahopac, NY
October 2, 2015
Love the power
Great product. I have other Olight flashlights. This one is for my pocket all the time.
By Ralph T
Dallas, Texas
September 19, 2015
Superb balance of lumens and size
Best package I've seen on the market of lumens /dollar and size. Finally a lumen and beam punch that fits easily into a tight space.
ProsOverall size and beam quality; price
ConsNone except clip has a "step-up" where it transforms into the snap ring that attaches to the flashlight barrel...makes for a difficult slide. That should have been eased off with an extended bevel to more easily allow the action of clipping this to a pocket or even a cap brim.
By Melvin Leppla
North Carolina
September 9, 2015
Better Than Sliced Cheese
There are things that we purchase, that really have a positive impact. "Wow, I'm glad I bought this." The Olight S1 Baton Flashlight is one of those items. A 500 Lumens flashlight that I can put into my pocket, or attach to my ball cap, or has enough oompf to light up anything that is relatively close. Engine compartments, searching for the right house key, this great little light does it with no problem. I power this flashlight with an UltraFire 16340 rechargeable battery. Also, it is a good idea to dummy cord this light to yourself or something immovable. It's so small it can be easily lost or forgotten by just setting it down. Will definitely purchase more of these flashlights for birthday gifts.
ProsA good durable flashlight, that puts a bright white light where it needs to go. No more fumbling or stumbling. The price is about as perfect as you can get.

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