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By Richard
October 13, 2022
Bought to replace one I lost. As good as my old one with a couple new features. Especially like the rechargeable feature.
By Nic
Gallatin, TN
Great Everyday Carry
June 15, 2022
I carry this in my front pocket. The lowest setting seems to do fine for everyday usage and I like the option to get the 1000 lumens when I need it. The charging is simple. I have both the first version and the second version that came out with the little charging container. Family currently has 6 of these and nobody has had any issues at all. Reliability is fantastic and Battery Junction provides excellent pre-sales and after sale support!
By Loran P.
Park Hill (Lake Tenkiller) Oklahoma
Works for me
April 6, 2022
I'm an older man (83) and with failing eyesight. It's real small and I keep this in my pocket to illuminate things that I can't see well. Multi levels of brightness is a plus. Probably buy some of these for birthday and Christmas gifts.
By Daniel P.
Peoria Illinois
A Really Bright Spot
December 17, 2021
I have not used this light for much yet but in testing it, have found that it does quite few things. Along with its extremely bright white light which I feel could set fire to paper products if held on them for a very short time, it has several levels of brightness as well as an SOS function and strobe mode. I have charged it at least once and the magnetic charge cable is a very nice feature. Although it is a quality product, I am not sure that it is worth the price, when I already had more flashlights than I need.
By Patrick
MIdwest USA
A worthy successor
November 29, 2021
I'm pleased with this light overall. It's a tiny bit longer than the first version, perhaps 1/6", but in practice you won't notice. The beam is very slightly less of a flood, but otherwise very similar, with a higher max brightness. The included battery will only charge in the light itself and not in a typical charger. The texture of the body is now grippier than before, which is not a big deal but is helpful. One minorish problem: The cable end glows red while the light is charging as expected, but when fully charged it doesn't turn green as it should -- it stays red and flickers rapidly. It's not the battery, because I have two more of the recommended kind and they both flicker red when fully charged too. Not a deal breaker, but Olight should fix the problem if they know what's wrong.
By Bert
Ashland, Oregon
Awesome EDC
November 13, 2021
Small, bright, very easy to carry & to charge.
By Herb
Modesto, CA
Everyone Should Have One !
June 16, 2021
Everyone should have at least one of these S1R II flashlights. I have two. it's so versatile and small, it disappears in your pocket. So you don't have an excuse for not having a flashlight in your pocket all the time. You can clip it on a hat, it sticks to metal via the rear magnet, It charges easily with the magnetic charging cord, so no need for a special battery charger, and you get a green light when it's fully charged. It is a very easy light to use. Even a non-techy person can use it with no problems at all. So you can give one to a friend or family member. I highly recommend one, or two or...
By Tab
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Very bright
September 18, 2020
I really like this new light. It has a very deep clip which I have attached to the dual magazine pouch on my shoulder holster and snapped the lanyard into the cover for my first magazine just in case I knock the light off the mag pouch. The deep clip should keep this from happening.
By Jerry
Pharr, Texas
Perfect EDC Light
August 31, 2020
This light is perfect for EDC, it’s bright, small and rechargeable. This light fits perfectly in the small pocket in jeans.
By Mike
Glastonbury CT
Great light to snap onto my baseball cap
August 18, 2020
This is a very small light - hardly larger than the battery it is build around so there is no extra girth. It fits easily in your pocket, tool bag, or EDC bag and is excellent when clipped onto your hat as a makeshift headlamp which is my favorite way of using this light. Completely flat back allows the light to easily stand upright. Though I personally am not the biggest fan of magnetic charging because the cables are not a standard type like they are for micro USB but it does work well.
By John
Southwick MA
Great flashlight
July 6, 2020
Love it as a EDC light
By Richard
Great Deal.
April 23, 2020
Great Product. Great price. Quick ship.
Burbank, ca
Great EDC Light
April 6, 2020
This little guy truly packs quite a punch. Very impressive power for its size. Great little size, super bright and excellent quality.
By Kenneth
New Hempstead, NY
February 26, 2020
I have the older version that I love and this rechargeable upgraded version is outstanding. The size and brightness makes it my number one EDC light.
By Michael
lady lake, FL
"Another great flashlight from OLIGHT."
January 31, 2020
Got this light for my Flux arm brace. It fits into that companies angled magazine holder. With a 1000 Lumens, lite weight and EZ recharging, it works by it self or in this application. I use and trust OLIGHT weapon lights,in at least three different platforms. This is just the latest one.
By Jay
Two Rivers, WI
Many Features in Small EDC
January 16, 2020
This is getting close to doing-it-all in one, small light. All levels are memorized at last used one, including a low "moon" mode. The memory remains intact even when locked-out or removing the battery. The hybrid beam has some throw with enough spill for close work. I like the LED battery level indicator located in the switch and the ability to charge the RCR123 cell when in the light. The tail has a very strong, useful, magnet which also holds the charging base, when used. The body is well knurled for a sure grip and the clip is strong. I left the clip on for it's usefulness and its location opposite the switch makes finding the switch easy. The switch is small and takes a firm press to actuate, but that also makes accidental turn-on less likely if not locked-out. Perhaps those with large fingers might find the switch harder to use, but that's only a guess. One caution: due to the ability to charge the battery while inside the light, the cell is reversed from conventional norms. The light seems to have mechanical protection against battery reversal. Oh, this is one bright EDC.
By Don B.
Lakewood Washington
December 31, 2019
By Hank H.
1 Killer EDC light
December 27, 2019
This is my go to EDC light for 2019..... I really enjoy all the features and the the recharging ability of this light. Put this light in you pocket or snap it on your belt and its there ready for work with a full 1000 lumens of power. The magnetic end of this light is really nice when working on things hands free as well. Highly recommend the little torch......5 stars!!
By Lynn
San Martin, CA
Thanks Olight, I'll take another
December 24, 2019
I've been carrying a fenix pd25 as an EDC light for years, but this Olight is brighter, smaller, and probably about equal on battery consumption. Didn't think I'd like the magnetic charging cap, but it is growing on me too. Ordered another as a backup, so now might be the time to retire the pd25.
By Jim
Amazing tiny light!
October 22, 2019
So far I love it, much better build quality than my EC11, very nice charging setup and the magnetic tail is a bonus.
By Richard
One cool new gadget for me!!
April 6, 2019
I just recently got into flashlights. I mean, I've always had the cheap 8-10 dollar LED lights you can find on eBay or Amazon, but I've never until just last month owned what I would term, a "real" flashlight. I now own 4 of them and 2 of them are Olights. I love the size firstly, as I loaf around a lot in sweats or shorts,often with limited pocket space for a flashlight, but this light is so small that you can practically take it with you regardless of what you happen to be wearing that day. That's nice! Second, I LOVE that I get a full 1000 lumens out of this little guy. It's amazing to my friends and family who, like me not that long ago, have not experienced what a quality light made by a quality company is capable of. Olight hits the mark nearly everytime from the research I've done on various companies and their products. Finally, the fit and finish of this product is exceptional! It amazes, again, that such a small light can also be so rugged and tough. The two-way belt clip is another part of that and I think they made the right decision in allowing folks to clip it anyway they'd like to. Personally, I always carry mine with the lens end down. Makes it easy to use nearly immediately if you should need it in a hurry. All this functionality is truly amazing and in my honest opinion, it's worth every penny that Olight charges for it. Speaking of charging, the magnetic charging cable is a welcome addition, though if I need to charge more than 1 battery at a time, I've found that I can put a small 3mm on the positive terminal and charge the batteries in my regular battery charger. For people looking at this for the first time, be aware that you have to use the battery that came with the flashligt in order to charge with the magnetic charging cable. Other 16340s will not charge inside the flashlight. This is because the specific battery called for has a positive and a negative portion at the top of the battery, which is usually reserved only for the positive end. The negative end of the battery is unchanged. The only thing that would have made it better, imo, is if they had added a tail switch to it like the M2R Warrior for easy access to quick Strobe and.or tactical mode operation. I suppose, upon thinking about it they've packed about all they can into this small flashligt I simply LOVE this ligjht!
By Joe L.
Simply Amazing
March 29, 2019
It blows my mind how something the size of a Tootsie roll can put out so much light ! Love the fact that it's rechargeable so no more batteries well worth the money. So just get it !
By David
Saint Peters, MO
Brightness in a small package
March 11, 2019
Excellent amount of light from such a small light. Magnetic base will come in very handy when working. Rechargeable via a magnetic USB cable is nice since that means no port for crud to get into on the flashlight. The clip is very handy too. Not sure why more lights don't use a clip like this because it allows it to be clipped in either direction. The only thing that I can think of that would make it even better is a better way to get to the strobe light. Maybe make the magnetic charging base a switch too?
By Hank A.
biggest, little "star" around
March 7, 2019
I gave the XM-L2 U4 LED as a b'day. gift to a guy who appreciates well-crafted lights. I would agree at a great price. And I get good advice from B-Junc. staff. What's not to like? Thanks for a speedy fix of my other O Light. See you soon.
By Jaden
Lincoln, NE
Best EDC Flashlight
February 20, 2019
This flashlight has won me over 100%. I came from carrying a Streamlight HL Dual Fuel before this. This Olight is way smaller than the Streamlight. As a plumber, I love the flat/magnetic tail. I can set it on its tail pointing up under a kitchen sink, or let the magnet hold it to duct work or pipes above me while installing a water heater. It is beyond useful. The recharging feature is amazing, so much better than going through batteries all the time. The modes are very easy to get used to, and all serve a good purpose. The double pocket clip is great, I use it to clip it to my hat while walking into a hunting spot, and the light it puts out is perfect for that. I can't say enough good things about this light, every single day customers and coworkers are commenting on it. I love it!
By Chris R.
Harrodsburg KY
Flashlight that fits in my pocket
January 31, 2019
Great little flashlight S1 R11 baton. Small enough to go in my pocket and always ready for user. This light is smaller than a Bick lighter and has the power of a large flashlight. I would give it five stars. Been carrying everyday in my front pocket as my EDC flashlight. GREAT buy
By Peter
January 9, 2019
I was truly very skeptical about the Olight claim of how much light could come from such a small package. Boy, was I ever wrong. This light is the perfect EDC carry light. I am a paramedic in an active system and this light is great for when I need a quick light to illuminate something like a side compartment on a ambulance, oxygen gauges, etc. Its smaller than a bic lighter but has plenty of lumens and the battery lasts longer than expected. The magnetic charger is easy to attach and detach so I feel that it will last longer as most chargers break right where they plug in to the light. I carry this light every day, as it fits easily in a front pocket. I hesitate to use the word drawback, but this light is so small that I could see it getting lost very easily in a camping or survival situation unless you attach it to something larger with the provided lanyard or use a key chain type ring. It does have a little hole built in for this. I am a creature of habit so I keep it with my wallet when ever I take it out of my pocket at home. If you are the kind person of who misplaces keys, lighters etc. then I would not recommend this light. The several brightness settings are very convenient, and on turbo it illuminates about 30 feet, so it is great for walking across a dark yard, driveway etc. Overall I highly recommend this light for EDC purposes and for short distance lighting. It is well built and packs a lot of punch in a small package. It is a tad bit pricey, but so far I have found it to be worth it.
By Donald S.
New York
Not as Good as it could be.
January 8, 2019
Nice size, but accessing the switch is difficult after removal from a watch pocket or shirt pocket. Switch is also hard to depress. A real problem is the design of the clip. It is too high and has a sharp end that sticks UP. Why in God's name anyone would do this is beyond me. Not only does it catch on things, but it makes holding the light uncomfortable. The approach to charging is nice, but it prevents holding the light in your mouth when both hands are needed to perform a task. Although the unit throws a lot of light, the beam is far to wide. The object of a flashlight, in my opinion, is to light up what you want to see, not the whole community in the process. It would have been better if the diode was further recessed in a deeper lens so that the beam could have been made a little narrower. I also don't like that the highest setting automatically kicks back down to a lower setting automatically or that you can't set the light to come on at its highest setting. The user should be the one to determine which setting they want the light to start on and when it needs to be kicked back down to another setting as it starts to heat up.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Best Pocket Light
January 4, 2019
Great light! Powerful! Carried S1 Baton Mini on my keychain--just changed it out for the S1R II Baton. This light is 1/4" longer than the S1 Baton Mini, but is brighter. Don't like the battery that comes with it though and the magnetic charger. Replaced the battery that came with this light with the Klarus 1634OUR70 which has the micro-usb port built into the battery, so that it can be quickly recharged without any specialized charging cord and the micro-usb cord fits in my wallet. The magnet on this flashlight is more powerful than the S1 Baton Mini as well. Overall I think this is the best and most powerful keychain light that make sense on a keychain--anything more is too bulky, anything less is less powerful.
By Freddy
December 31, 2018
The Olight S1R II is an unbelievable flashlight. It has it all. There isn't anything about the flashlight I don't like. The size, the power, the magnetic charging cable, the strobe, the grip, all the modes, waterproof, drop proof, plus a hands free magnetic tail clip. WOW !
Worthington, OH
December 30, 2018
I have had several Olight S1R Batons, and love them because they are tiny enough to fit in my pocket, yet provide 500 lumens of light. Imagine this improvement--another tiny baton, but it has 1000 lumens. This is a "must buy" for anyone who needs maximum light in a minimum package. Thank you, Battery Junction for introducing me to this wonderful little light!
By David
Willow Springs, IL
December 27, 2018
Like it so much I bought another to use as a gift. No problems with shipping delivered problem free.
By Calvin
Wins Popularity Contest
December 26, 2018
I'm guessing the S1 or S1R is Olights most popular flashlight, maybe even the "R" version since it came out, and for good reason; these are great little lights, and I have them all! They are small, but very powerful. This latest S1R II version has the improved knurling texture for better grip, and the sleeker shape without the hex shaped head. I find the light useful for multiple purposes. My only complaint is the brightness levels have been revised from the previous version, and are not as good in my opinion - you jump straight from 60 lumens to 600 lumens, while 250-300 lumens is the most useful setting IMHO. If you leave the light at the 600 or 1000 lumen output level, it will step down to 300 lumens after 1.5 minutes, but in doing so wasting a lot of stored battery energy. This is the only way to get to 300 lumens.
Fantastic little pocket light
December 21, 2018
Love it, fits nice in the pocket and unbelievably bright and useful.
By Greg
It's Better than Ever - and Ever was Excellent
December 21, 2018
Yes - better than ever. The best improvement for me is not the smaller size or the greater max lumen output [both very welcome] but the battery charge led that most importantly lets you know when to recharge. No more situations in which the flashlight operates 'normally' up to the last drop of battery power - and then abruptly - and often unexpectedly - stops - leaving you in the dark. Thank you Olight!
By Doug
Awesome light
December 20, 2018
What an awesome light! It's now my daily carry light. Full of features and easy to carry. The battery percentage light on the switch is great to have, looks nice. Glad I bought this light.
Wekiva Springs Florida.
Version 2 of this series...
November 7, 2018
Version 1 is outstanding but does have a minor issue. It came with a lanyard but no hole on the body to thread it through! That left tying the lanyard to the belt clip. This light is a true Every Day Carry (EDC) gem! Extremely well built, 400 lumen of light output, easy to operate and rugged, water proof, and a simple lock-out feature that prevents accidental turn ons. The lanyard issue made the light a bit of an issue taking it out from my pocket: The lanyard is attached towards the front of the light in the only spot on the belt/hat clip to tie it too... That means the light comes out backwards in the hand and needs to be turned around before using. Tended to be somewhat clumsy. It's such a great light I just overlooked it! Opening the flashlight body to attach the charge cable to the battery was also one of those "I'll live with it" things. Until, Version II.... Version 2 corrected these two small issues, plus added a big upgrade! 1000 Lumens. Version 2 now uses a magnetic tail cap that makes recharging a non-issue. Magnetically snaps on and it's charging. So, version 1 was donated to my grandson. Version II is now is now in my pocket. The perfect, small, easy to hold and knurled enough to easily hang onto. The lanyard attaches to the rear of the body and comes out of the pocket in the right orientation and easy to turn on. The lock out disables by holding in the "On" button for 2 seconds and it's on... Locks out the same way. The perfect EDC! All Pros, Zero Cons. The two way belt/hat clip snaps off if not wanted. Fits perfectly in a jean watch pocket! RS Orlando.
By Ronald L.
Terrific everyday carry
November 6, 2018
Its small size means I can carry it with me with dressed for sports, informal or formal.
By Steve
Pocket Floodlight
November 6, 2018
Unbelievable amount of light delivered by a small package! Finding the on/off switch is a bit easier than with my first Baton, but still leaves room for improvement. All in all, I really like the light, its magnetic charger, and the magnetic tail-cap, good stuff!
By Stephen
Bronx, NY
Great little light
November 6, 2018
I've only used this flashlight briefly, but it seems to be a perfect EDC light; bright, small, lightweight, easy to charge, and has a convenient carry pouch. Recommended.
Boston, MA
Power in a small package
November 5, 2018
This little light monster is amazing. Simple to use, recharge and carry. An amazing amount of light from a small package.
By Pete
Phoenix, Arizona
ALMOST perfect
November 5, 2018
The size, electronics, and light quality are great. The only problem is that the magnetic tail-end of this flashlight is an open circuit. This means that if you hold it in your mouth, or the magnet picks up a paperclip in your pocket, you short it out.
By kenmack
en el sur
And now with more power!
November 5, 2018
I've been enjoying the S1R for some time. Now this model comes out with more power. It looks like they redesigned the clip which some, with the previous design, had found it difficult to use. It also is non-rotating so that you can reliably index the on/off switch. Now the clip issue and the small switch issue have been addressed in the S1R II and now with more power!
By Augie
Olight S1R II Baton
November 5, 2018
This is the Olight S1 but much better. Convenient magnetic charging cap on rear of the light makes charging easier. High mode is 30% brighter than the S1 in the same size light. Service via Battery Junction staff continues to be friendly and fast!
By RIch C.
Long Island, NY
Battery Junction does it again
November 2, 2018
This is the second OLIGHT s1R from Battery Junction. Awsome lights! BJs selection, prices and service are the best. I wont shop anywhere else.
By d0nnie
Great Little light!
November 2, 2018
Small easy to carry and plenty of light when you need it, nice easy to recharge!
By Pete
Central Pa.
fun light, lots of features in a small package
October 19, 2018
This is my first Olight and I'm really impressed by its features ... this is the first one of the many brands of LEDs that I've encountered a timer. Also impressive is the lockout feature. What I have found difficult with my hands is to quickly press the side switch to switch modes using only one hand. Using two hands, OK. I would have been even happier if the Dual direction pocket clip would have been removable but seems to be integrated with the body I like the fact that the light can stand on its flat end. The included User Manual indicates that you can cycle through all 4 brightness modes. I've found that you can cycle through all but the lowest (moonlight, 1/2 lumen 8-days which IS accessible from the OFF position). This isn't really a practical problem since the lowest level would only be used in the darkest surroundings and maybe to read or find the device in a backpack. I'm sure I will buy other Olights.
By Charles
S1R II light: 4.5 stars
October 17, 2018
I like the light. It has an even beam pattern & provides a good amount of light. I rate it at 4.5 stars because of the charging. I was concerned about the exposed terminals so I measured the voltage & it showed 4.1 vdc. Grabbed a 3.1k resistor & put it across the terminals & still measured 4.1vdc. (A current drain of 1.2 ma would have drained off any static charge.) The inner contact is slightly recessed, so setting on a smooth metallic surface wouldn't short the battery, but depending on the surface it could be a problem. (Keep it away from steel wool.) The other concern is the charger requires 120vac. A charger that will connect to 12vdc or USB would be a great idea. Haven't done a battery life test to see how long a charge will last, so I can't comment on that.

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