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By Rod
South USA
Great edc flashlight
April 18, 2022
Engineering excellence from Olight. A very well refined illumination device worth its price. Enjoy
By Kenny G.
Great flashlight
October 19, 2021
Great flashlight for EDC and it’s very bright…durable
By Joe
Olight s2r 2 baton
September 21, 2021
Very nice flashlight!, extremely bright, battery last for a long time, and the magnetic end is handy sometimes also.
So. Cal.
Very nice flashlight
December 23, 2020
I have several Olights, including the S2, S1R Baton-1 and Warrior Mini. They are similar to the S2R Baton-2. The S2R Baton-2 is about 1/8 of an inch shorter than the S2. The included Olight 18650 3200 mAh customized battery measures 69 mm long. The S2R Baton-2 came with a lanyard, dual belt-clip and MCC1 charging cable that is approx 18 inches long. The clip slips into a grove and cannot spin around the body, like it can on the S2. The tint is Cool White with a fairly prominent hotspot. It is a bit more noticeable than on the S2. Spill light is very wide and usable. Knurling is squared and provides a very good grip. I found the side switch easy to access and find by indexing the clip in your hand. It can accidentally turn ON in the front pocket of your pants or shorts because the clip would be facing outward and the switch/button being against your body. I found sitting down, turned ON the light a few times while carried in this manner. Carrying the light in a side cargo pants/shorts pocket could alleviate this problem. I ran a runtime test on Turbo/1150 LU and found it did ramp down after almost two minutes to 400 LU. It lasted at this level for about 90 minutes before I could tell it was getting dimmer. The light continued to slowly dim over the next 2 hours or so and then hovered around 5 LU. I stopped my testing at that point after about 4 hours. Very impressive runtimes from the 3200 mAh battery and with good brightness output. The S2R Baton-2 misses my 5-Star rating due to the side switch accidentally turning ON in my pocket and the fact the light CAN run on a standard 18650 battery, but NOT achieve Turbo when doing so. Olight using its customized batteries can be both a blessing and a curse. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.
By Mike B.
Glastonbury CT
My new favorite EDC
November 26, 2020
I changed over from my old Olight M10 Maveric to this model a couple of months ago and I can say its a great upgrade for EDC. The best thing about it is the size - its as minimalistic as it can be given the 18650 inside that powers it. Its short enough to clip onto the brim of your baseball cap for when you need a headlamp in a pinch and the clip works great for that purpose (does not damage or tear your hat). It deep carries in my pocket which allows me to button down the flap on the cargo pocket on my leg when the light is stored there and doesn't stick out if its just in your jeans pocket. The light output is amazing for a light this size and I have grown to like the magnetic charge tail that allows the light to stand up on end or attach magnetically to surfaces to be more stable. I have also grown to like the magnetic charge cable because it attaches/detaches quicker and easier than a USB port however it is a proprietary cable so if you tend to charge in more than one location you will need to buy more mag charger cables. I am considering buying the bracket with charger built in that hold the light upside down under a desk so I can keep my light handy next to my bed at night while charging yet out of the way.
By Kevin
West Haven, CT
Love this EDC.
March 19, 2020
I love this Olight S2A baton EDC rechargeable. The square knurled body makes for a firm no slip grip that feels perfect in your hand. I bought this EDC to replace one that I had for many years, with a few requirements, multiple brightness settings, rechargeable, and most importantly clip into the "watch pocket" of my jeans. The experts at Battery Junction recommended the S2A baton, and they were right. Since I use my light almost daily, will be my new favorite EDC for years to come. Thanks Battery Junction Team.
By Gary
Bay Area
Poor Picket Clip
January 27, 2020
Great small flashlight, however, the pocket clip catches on everything. Unfortunately the clip got caught on my car seat and broke.
By Marc
Cleveland, Ohio
New favorite EDC flashlight
January 7, 2020
Everyone tells me that I own a ridiculous number of flashlights. I do. I just can't resist the attraction of something new and "better". I always have a smallish light in my pocket or in a holster on my belt. The Olight S2R II has replaced my Olight S15 and my Nightcore MT10A as the one I pick out most often as part of my EDC load-out. It's brighter, runs longer, and the new knurling feels more stable in my hand. The clip makes it easy to index the single button. The battery indicator is a plus, but I must admit that with the magnetic charger being so easy to use, I never let the battery run down. I might have to give away my old EDCs so they'll get used.
By Michael
lady lake, FL
Olight's S2R II, powerful and more portable.
December 29, 2019
If you don't have the room for Olights M2R, the S2R II is a good choice. It has OLight's magnetic charging system, and four light out put settings. This is simple a very good light.
By Kim
Houston, TX
Olight s2r
August 11, 2019
One of the best EDC of mine, beam is bright and wide.
By Don
Pearl River
Simply beautiful
August 11, 2019
I own roughly 30 flashlights....this S2R is my favorite. If you're a flashoholic then I highly recommend this one. Great all around light.
By Pete S.
Attleboro, Massachusetts
Perfect Size, Compact!!
July 5, 2019
Used for work this torch is small enough to fit comfortably in my pocket without the bulk and weight of other torches I've used. Just slightly bigger than the 18650 battery! The low setting is perfect for identifying part numbers without blinding you, while the medium and high settings will light up a large area (my entire back yard!). Throws a nice, broad beam while still concentrated. Not a flood by any means, but a little less concentrated than the S3R which is a more focused beam (but larger as a result). One of my colleagues bought the S3R and we did a quick comparison: I'm glad I got to compare and definitely prefer the S2RII (the S2RII is also brighter in "turbo" than the S3R) Appears very durable, It's already been dropped and banged around a bit. Comes with two strong belt clips, very nice quality clips. Strong base magnet able to support in any position. There is an LED battery life indicator in the function switch. Have used for 2.5 weeks on the first charge and stilling running strong and showing green on the indicator. Charging is simple through the magnetic base charger. This is my new favorite every-day-carry, excellent addition to my tool box!
By Cody
Dardanelle, AR
Smallest 18650 on the market?
March 24, 2019
If you like to EDC an 18650 this might be the light for you. To my knowledge it's the most pocketable 18650 on the market (much better than my Fenix PD35 and about the same as my Fenix PD25). The magnetic base and charger work very well and I really like that concept. The light has more spill than throw which is fine for an EDC to me. The only con that I would list is that I wish this had the same tail cap as the M2R Warrior so you could click it on with the tail switch.
By Calvin
Great Upgrade Of a Great Light
December 26, 2018
Olight is my favorite flashlight brand, and the Olight S2R is my favorite Olight for hiking, but now I have the S2R II which is even better! I like the way the big hex head has been trimmed down, making it more sleek, and more comfortable to carry in the pocket. Even without that, it still doesn't roll away on the table, and the power button is easier to find in the dark. Much more grippy knurling, similar to the S1 is a welcome change. The black anodized finish is more like a satin than a flat black, making it nicer looking. A more flat black than this would be appropriate for a tactical light, which this isn't anyway. The tail magnet holds it to a vertical surface without slipping, so I can work on my car. The S2R II is also quite compact for an 18650 powered light. I also like its range of outputs, which includes the magic "400 lumens for 4 hours" setting. Very practical for evening walks and hikes.

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