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By George
Maryville, TN
Photon Freedom Micro LED Key chain Light
July 25, 2020
Great Small light i clip it on my Hat Brim with clip option. When eyes are adjusted to night this thing is great. I could actually Hike out of the back-country in darkness with it if needed. i carry two and spare Batteries. They weigh nothing. They can get wet in rain. not sure about submerged??
By Kyle
Salida, CA
Great value in a small package
March 4, 2019
Easy to use, bright beyond belief! I had these when I was in Basic training and kept me going till I lost them years ago. I decided holding a flashlight for everything and or a headlamp to carry around everywhere was too cumbersome so I remembered these little guys. Now I do not need to turn on lights around the house, instead I can click this little guy to get around. Also, working on vehicle, you can get it in every nook and cranny. I recommend having the covert sheild to help focus the beam and to help from getting blinded by the light! I have the UV one for my hotel inspection and the clear for every day use. Next I need the night vision and I'm all set.
By Johnny
Great price
December 29, 2018
The best prices I have found on these Photon Freedom.
By Joe
Best there is.
December 16, 2018
I've bought a couple dozen key chain lights over the last 10 years. First the older Photon 2 with the manual switch to keep it on, then I started buying these. Every last one of these lights still works, with an occasional battery change. I am a service technician and I am constantly in and out of the truck with keys in multiple locks all day. Keys get dropped often onto pavement and the light is unfazed. My wife and I have them on every set of keys, and I give them as gifts to family and friends. I managed to break the battery cover on one of them and the company sent me a replacement for free. The older Photon 2 isn't fully waterproof and the one on my Camelback would turn on and stay on when I got caught in a downpour. No permanent damage, but these Freedoms are water tight and don't have that issue. Dog has one on his leash and it works great to be seen by cars. People slow down and look to see what that bouncing light is, saves me from having to use the big flashlight to announce ourselves. Order a few, you can't go wrong. Battery Junction consistently has the best price on them as well.
By Rajendra
Oakland, CA
January 16, 2018
I keep trying other little lights and coming back to these photon micro lights. It's so economically designed; As small as it can be and still give a good surface area to easily press on and off. I like this new design that stays on without having to hold the button down.
By Nick
Burtonsville, MD
The best micro flashlight on the market.
February 21, 2017
I purchased two Photon Micro-Light II's ($23.99 each) over 16 years ago, and both are still working fine today. This Freedom version is even better with, among other added features, its simple instant ON/OFF. And it's only $8.95) - Great value for the money! Because of its tiny size (and light weight), you're more likely to carry it on your key chain.
ProsVery bright light output for such a small package. Variable brightness control is a plus. Waterproof
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Microlight Excellence
December 31, 2016
I've already reviewed the Freedom in its NVG (Night Vision Green) and Infrared Covert Nose variants. The Photon Freedom sets the bar high for microlight design and build quality with its nylon filled strength, gold plated connection, IPX-7 water resistance, and included accessories (neck lanyard holder and clamp holder). The User Interface affords variable up/down brightness control to very dim and very bright levels and access to blinky modes. The LED output colors available in the series include specials like Yellow, Night Vision Green, Infrared, and UV. A simply excellent product at a reasonable price. A great idea for a gift for someone who could benefit from a durable, reliable, flexible use microlight. For others less demanding there is the X-Micro series from LRI with the same user interface and functions at a lesser build without the accessories for much less a price. Of course then there's the single function Titanium Innovations white microlight, a favorite stocking stuffer gift.
ProsExcellent design and build Good User Interface with variable up/down control plus blinking modes; very low brightness low, and very bright high. Many choices for LED output, including Yellow, Night Vision Green, Infrared, and UV (some separately listed on Battery Junction) Useful included accessories (neck lanyard holder and hat-brim clamp holder - Velcro finger ring holder on models separately listed on Battery Junction)
By Mark
Alvaton, KY
Quality product. These little lights work. I like red in order to keep my night vision in tact.
December 21, 2016
These little lights work. I like red in order to keep my night vision in tact. The hat clip is very handy too.
Prosdurable, low price, handy and great to have on a key chain
By Richard
Ennis, TX
unbelievably bright on high
May 25, 2016
I never had one of the white Photons until about 24 hours ago. My white covert nose Photon Freedom arrived yesterday. I woke up at 0400 and with my eyes dark adapted, stepped outside where it was pretty dark, and on the high setting could see things 70+ feet away. I'm going to order more of these.
Consnone, except maybe easy to lose these... I lost my last one (a red covert nose) within a week of receiving it.
By Wheelguner
Near Atlanta
Unbreakable but not unloseable
March 26, 2016
The one this is replacing withstood daily carry on my car key ring for over 10yrs. God only knows how many times it was dropped and banged around during those years but it was always there when needed and always worked EVERYTIME! The last time I used it I removed it from the keyring and instead of replacing it on the ring I just put it in my pocket. I can only surmise that at some point that day when I pulled my keys out of my pocket it fell to the ground without my noticing. The next time I needed it and discovered the loss I Googled it and found one at Battery Junction. I ordered it immediately since they are my first choice for my battery needs. I believe the Photon Micro is the best, most dependable pocket light for EDC.
ProsAlways there, always works. Amazing output for the size, adjustable output to conserve battery life. I hope I never need it but it has an auto SOS setting.
ConsIt can't overcome stupidity
nice small light
January 24, 2016
a simple light that I think should be used for convenience sake. This is not a heavy use unit
Prossmall simple
By David
Longview, TX
November 15, 2015
The Photon Freedom Microlight is the best EDC key chain flashlight I have owned. The quality and functions are exceptional. The sale price included a lanyard and Clip. Battery Junction shipping was fast and reasonable. They have earned my business.
ProsPrice, functions, Bonus Clip and Necklace
By Flashlighthead
New England
Awesome little light at awesome little sale price:)
June 30, 2015
I bought a white light with a covert nose because I already have a red light with a covert nose. The covert nose makes all the difference. Other keychain lights give off such distracting glare, but these are awesome. Of course, the variable brightness and other features are nice too:)
By Bill T.
Best Keychain Light
June 15, 2015
This is the best keychain light I've owned, hands down. Exceptionally functional, and excellent runtime (if not inadvertently activated). I have a white and a red on my keychain. Really pleased.
ProsCompact, convenient, feature-rich, good runtime.
ConsCan activate unintentionally in pocket and run down the battery.
Southern California
Handy light
March 10, 2015
I have the translucent version too. Both work well and have decent range for such a small light.
By Bob H.
Ogden, UT
Great Product
January 15, 2015
This light was all I hoped it would be.
ProsQuality, function, negligible weight
By Dan I.
Gaithersburg MD
Photon Freedom
January 14, 2015
An excellent compact & lightweight LED lite for backpacking. Small enough to tuck into a medkit as a backup light or hang from a ridgeline as a hammock light. Bright enough for map reading and great battery life. The red & NV green are useful for viewing camera settings during night photography while preserving night vision.
ProsSmall, light, bright.
ConsBackpackers don't need the metal clip but would use lightweight cord instead. Would be useful to offer this light w/o all the packaging & no metal clips or rings.
By Edward
Cambridge, Ohio
One of my favorites
January 14, 2015
I've been using Photons since the original Photon 1 came out. They are great path markers camping and in the field. Batteries last and last. Still made in USA!!! Provide plenty of light when used with the clip on a ball cap. I have used red, blue, green and white with the clip on a ball cap and never had an issue navigating in any conditions. Perfect for key rings and on the dog's collar. Lost one in my woods for over 2 years...found it, cleaned it, battery still worked but not to full capacity. Changed the battery and that Photon is still in my inventory of camping lights!
ProsMade in USA Quality Many colors available Nice Clip in package Long battery life
By Jerry
Mo Valley, Iowa
A no-brainer at a bargain price!
December 26, 2014
This is the coolest thing ever! I think it's an awesome light, and the function modes all work as they should. So lightweight and small you can't believe the amount of light that comes out of this thing. I read on a forum where one poster said they don't make good gifts, because the recipient will not appreciate the technology crammed into the Photon Freedom. That's probably closer to the truth than it ought to be sadly. GREAT VALUE. I'm buying more.
ProsMade in USA, water proof, easy battery change, adjustable beam from low to high and vice versa, etc. Plus the included necklace and clip attachment.
ConsNothing I can think of.
By John
Saint Louis, MO
Great little light
November 21, 2014
Put it on a stainless ball chain necklace so i can wear it around my neck for a back up.
Prosperfect little backup.
By Sean
Great Product
October 28, 2014
This product is exactly what I was looking for. Low profile illumination with several brightness options and signaling. The attachable clip also gives a better hands free option.
ProsSize, brightness options and a attachable clip.
ConsNone found
By Chris
Excellent key light
July 3, 2014
I purchased several of these little fantastic lights in different colors. The little LED is very bright and can be seen during daylight from a good distance away. I carry a red and blue on me everyday. Even sent them through the washing machine and dryer. Pulled it out of the pocket and it worked. Fast shipping from Battery Junction as always. Will probably buy more in the future and recommend these to friends.
By Richard
White is the best
September 25, 2012
These lights have excellent control options from constant on to auto-shutoff (demo mode) to momentary (morse mode) plus continuous dimmability. The \"covert nose\" is a clever idea too. White - excellent spot brightness for a keylight, but a little yellow tinge in the beam spill area. Red - average brightness and an even beam pattern. Purple - brightness is the same as the Titanium Innovations KEYLIGHT Keychain LED Ultraviolet Light 395nm UV which is a lot less expensive.
By JMorgan
Worth it!
October 1, 2011
Have had this for almost a year now. Carry it on my keychain, and it\'s hardly perceptible. VERY bright for its size, and performs its function well. Highly recommend it as a keychain light.
By The C.
Great Back Up Light!
December 31, 2010
Who knew so much power and features can be packed in a keychain light?? This light is bright! but like other Photon Lights, if you don\'t need it that bright you can power the beam down to a lower setting. I would recommend this to any outdoors men as a back-up light or camp light. With the clip feature, it makes a great headlight that will light your path to the outhouse and with the cord neck attachment, it\'s on the ready if your batteries fail in your main flashlight. If your camping trip turns into a \"Survival Adventure\" you have a SOS, Strobe light on hand around your neck!! at this price, you could have one on your pack too! I plan to buy more for my son and me.
By Kevin L.
Works Great
September 30, 2010
Works great! Don\'t let the price fool you- the light and hands free clip are very well made. The light is perfect for navigating in the dark.

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