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By Danm
Awesome flashlight two buttons so it does not reset
December 21, 2022
Wish I would have bought two
By Harry N.
Favorite all all arounder flashlight!
May 24, 2022
I really like this flash light! It has a super low Setting that is fantastic for when you need just the smallest amount of light. When you need a super bright flashlight that will shine pretty darn far…it does that’s too! It’s a great every day carry flashlight depending on what your definition of an EDC flashlight is. For me it’s a bit to big for a EDC for my pocket but I do keep it with me. It goes everywhere I go or in my car or my pack. I really like the fact that you can run a 18650 rechargeable battery and also use 2 C123 if that’s all you were to have. Definitely 100% my EDC in pants pocket hunting, camping, walking dog etc. Just love it! Next day I want to get the larger one that goes a bit farther.
By Manny
Great value
November 29, 2021
Picked this up on sale for $40 and it definitely is worth it. I love the aggressive texture and the sub-compact size for an 18650 flashlight. I haven’t been hard on the flashlight yet due to just recently purchasing from battery junction. Definitely an edc item. Would be nice though if battery junction would offer free shipping as well to my location.
By Conor
Lubbock, TX
My New Favorite!
October 29, 2021
I bought the 2-pack of these lights on sale, and I love them so much I decided to share my review here as well to help spread the good word! I have a LOT of flashlights in my house. Some people might say I have a bit of a problem, even an obsession. I say I'm just an enthusiast for good flashlights who's tried a lot of brands/models in order to find a few that are really good, and I'm too thrifty to just get rid of the extras. Besides, I can always barter away the spares when the SHTF. My point is I have a lot of experience with different 18650 flashlights, and I can tell you this is the best I've personally tried. I've got Streamlight, Nitecore, Klarus, and Olight lights, but I've never spent $150+ on one of those fancy SureFire tactical lights, but I can't imagine they're much better than this (aside from having the gun kit, of course). The design and quality of this light are just amazing. Anyone can produce a rugged LED light with a solid aluminum case that can stand up to shock and the elements. But this little guy excels in its features. First of all, I love the double button design. The tail button turns it on and off, while the side button cycles through the power modes. And best of all, it REMEMBERS what setting you used last. This is a surprisingly rare feature, even in name-brand lights with 2 buttons. AND, if you press the side button while the light is off it has no effect. This really is an exquisite light for EDC pocket carry. And while other lights have an option to recharge without taking the battery out, most of them rely on rubber seals to protect a USB port. This one though just leaves the charging port exposed and it doesn't matter. I love the way the magnetic charger snaps on, it's surprisingly satisfying. I do have a couple minor gripes, but but they're more a matter of preference and not worth detracting from the 5-star rating. First, the pocket clip is a bit too stiff out of the box. This means it will last longer I suppose, but it's a bit of a pain to get it in and out of the pocket early on. That said, I like how it's reversible so you can carry either button up or button down. The tail button is also a bit stiff. This probably means it's a quality button that's never likely to break, and it reduces accidental activations in the pocket, but it does make using this light to signal a bit problematic. Finally, the surface finish is a bit rough. I don't mean it's poorly-finished, I mean they deliberately gave it a rough texture. This means it's easier to grip when wet or while wearing gloves, but it also means if you repeatedly brush the back of your hand against it while reaching into your pocket, it can rough up the skin a bit (I have dry skin prone to cracking). That said, I'm glad I bought 2 of these and now I use one for my EDC and keep the other in my main bugout bag. A bit pricey now, but I got them on sale for $80, so I'm VERY happy with my purchase.
By Bob R.
Good Stuff
June 2, 2021
I purchased a Powertac M5 to replace a Night Core that my dog stole and then burred somewhere in my half acer back yard. I was going to replace it with the same thing but decided to try something new. While prowling through Battery Junction's web site, I stumbled onto the Powertac M5. The first thing I Noticed was it is significantly lighter than the Night Core, and has a narrower beam of bright white light totaling 1300 lumens. I like the narrower beam a lot. This is the first rechargeable I have owned and I do like the magnetic charging cable. I wish the mode side switch was more tactile because it is hard to find in the dark. Other than that it is a great light.
By Roger m.
M5 failures
May 19, 2021
Bought 6 m5s and gave away 2 at Christmas I am embarrassed to say. Of the other 4 I used 2 and now neither light will work. They will not charge nor will they work when I insert a battery fully charged elsewhere.
By Lawrence
Meridian Idaho
Decent light for the price
May 4, 2021
I wanted to give the Powertac a try. I am a Klarus guy because I like the separate automatic strobe button. The Powertac I keep in my garage as a back up light.
By Robert G.
Finger Lakes Region, Upstate NY
Safe, Bright, Easy to use, Long run time
January 25, 2021
Similar to what is in the other reviews. SAFE, EASY TO USE, BRIGHT, LONG BATTERY LIFE. I own several lights up to 25,000 lumen, and this is my favorite. For its size and weight it has among one of the strongest lumen output on the market for continuous run. HEAT MANAGEMENT IS EXCELLENT, it stays cool when on high for a full 2 hours of run time. Two button operation makes user interface friendly, safe to operate, and helps prevent unwanted turn on. Tail cap button turns it on and off. Side button sets brightness, and last used level is set in memory. In addition light can be locked out by loosening tail cap 1/2 turn. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCELLENT BOTH BY THE POWERTAC AND BATTERY JUNCTION AS BOTH, HAVE INSTANT TECHNICAL SUPPORT THROUGH TOLL FREE 800 LINES.
By Victor
Jersey Shore,Pa.
Got this for my wife
December 31, 2020
Wife loves this it is so bright and easy to use. Now she has her own light and I love that.
By Ron
Hawley PA
This is a great light!
December 28, 2020
I use this light as my EDC. It works great for every day use, plus for night work as an officer. The clip allows me to use it hands free attached to the bill of a hat. Once you start carrying this light, and you use it many times a day, you quickly find out that it is hard to be without it. The multiple modes are super, and on high the light will brighten the darkest corners of the environment at night.
By Bobby
Saluda, SC
Efficient light for the money
July 4, 2020
Had this light for about 6 months now with no issues. Very bright and long runtime. I have really become a fan of the onboard recharging platforms that are becoming the norm. Perfect length light for EDC with very aggressive texture. Overall, a great light for the money!
By Mike N.
New Jersey
Excellent purchase
June 29, 2020
This little light delivers big performance in a compact rechargeable package. I own A LOT of lights varying from full size tactical to EDC, and keychains, this one gives you superior run time at high levels , is tough with ease of function. You will not be disappointed.
By edward
March 14, 2020
this is a quality torch with a quality beam. one of my favorites. a good gift
By Darrell
Reinholds, Pa
Awesome Light
January 21, 2020
This light is amazing. Ultra-compact w/1300 Lumens. Powertac makes a quality light. I'm a flashlight nut and I light likes that are compact but pack a massive punch and this one delivers. Moonlight mode is great for reading or walking into the woods hunting with minimum lighting. Considering what you get for the price and with a lifetime warranty its a slam dunk.

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