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By B J.
Olight M20 R5
November 22, 2011
The M20 R5 is at the end of it\'s manufacturing life, being slowly upgraded by more powerful Olight models. Due to this, you can find it on sale for at an extremely attractive price if you do some looking. Other reviewers have covered it\'s features quite well and in detail, so all I\'ll say is that it\'s at the top of the class in regards to build quality and reliability. Given that this is not Olight\'s best, most expensive flashlight, and given the quality of this model - a second-level so to speak - I would have no hesitations of buying ANY of Olight\'s products. It is obvious that they take a great deal of pride in their products and their manufacturing ability.
By Paul P.
September 21, 2010
This is a fantastic light- the fit and finish are perfect, and the ergonomics suit me perfect as well. The anodizing is flawless, and the throw is great. It\'s got a nice \"feel\" to it (with the ring attached) that I could almost fall asleep holding it in my hand and not drop it. I use mine with the Ultrafire 18650 3000mah rechargeable lithium battery (also sold here) and they work great together. Highly recommended!
Very Great Light
August 18, 2010
I received this flashlight very fast, within 3 days. I\'d have to say the packaging was quite small and very well done (well laid out). Everything came undamaged. Batteries: 1) It accepts the listed batteries and works with all types of 123A batteries (3.0V - 3.7V). 2) It works with the 18650 batteries. Other information on batteries: 1) It may not work with some protected RCR123A batteries since it might not fit in the battery magazine. 2) It does work well with the protected 18650 batteries (I am currently use the protected 3000mAh UltraFire 18650 batteries). 3) Run time varies on mAh of battery, but the manual states about 4 hours of run time using 2400 mAh 18650 batteries. Using the flashlight: 1) The flashlight feels very solid and well built! 2) The beam is very tight. I\'d say this light is more of a thrower than a flood. 3) You can buy a diffuser to make the beam wider. 4) I purchased the smooth reflector for this light and it helps the beam go much further. 5) The threads are well built and look like they\'ll last a long time, and each connection contains 2 O-rings. 6) To change modes, you slightly twist the head of the flashlight. 7) This flashlight cannot tail-stand unfortunately. 8) The head of the flash gets very hot after awhile, but the tube remains fairly cool. (About 30 minutes of use) 9) The light is smaller than you think, and it is very bright! 10) The levels of brightness aren\'t too noticeable distinct. 11) The striking bezels are removable, and so it the clip. 12) The instructions are clear and decent.
By Holt
Best In Show
October 26, 2009
When I received the M20 Warrior Premium, the first thing I noticed was that the OD color looked more akin to a bronze/tan color, but it did look unique and kinda cool, and I\'ve taken a liking to it. The light output on this unit is amazing. With the orange peel reflector it is blindingly bright, but peak performance is achieved with the addition of the optional smooth reflector. I compared the M20 Premium with the Surefire Executive, Surefire 6P Zenon, Surefire G2(80 Lumens), Streamlight Polytac LED(120 lm), Condor CTC 112(160 lm), and even a Surefire L2 Lumamax LED(200 lm and nearly $200). This light crushed them all. The obvious contender in the batch was the Lumamax, but even that one couldn\'t compare. Very tight center beam and good surrounding circle. With the smooth reflector, most of the light remains in the tight center beam. Construction looks good and cutting edge brightness. Packed with all the latest features including a blinding strobe. What more could a guy want?
By Hawaii808
Good Torch
September 4, 2009
Good Torch... Par with the TK11 R2 overall. With both torches equipped with smooth reflectors the M20 had more shadowing and artifacts than the TK11. The M20 with the OP reflector had less shadows and artifacts and was about par with the TK 11 for pattern and brightness in its highest illumination level but the TK 11 had a farther throw with its smooth reflector. I like the M20 SS crenellated bezel and its low mode power saving setting and mode switch. I was able to leave it on strobe mode and have instant access to strobe mode.. My M20 was the OD model and I did notice some color variation with the adonization although I don\'t thnk it compromises the wear factor. I wish it came with a good wrist lanyard instead neck one. Otherwise, solid tac torch.
By JP8
Good Choice
July 23, 2009
I have no other tactical lights so I\'m not qualified to compare, but I can say that I am going to buy another. I bought the first one to mount on a Sig 556 and now I want to carry it around all the time and it\'s not practical to remove from Picatinny side mount I purchased also - which I would also highly recommend. I shined it on buildings at 70 yards in pitch black and thought the sun had come up.
By Thanatos23
awesome flashlight
July 8, 2009
this is the best Tactical flashlight i ever bought. I only wish it came with a better holder, the velcro doesn\'t hold after a few months and if you are an active cop, the flashlight will fall out of the holster. As the for the flashlight itself, there is no better.
2 JULY 2009
July 2, 2009
Don\'t hesiitate to get this light, It\'s way more than I expected! Well thought out and alot for your money.
By Dennis
Very Powerful
June 27, 2009
Bought the black model. Very bright light! Puts my Xenon bulbed lights to shame. I especially like the strobe feature for home defense. It now goes with me everywhere I go. Even some light snobs were impressed with this light. My only caveat is the manual could be a little more detailed, especially on assembly and parts. All in all I give it five full stars!
By Brandon A.
Powerful Compact Light
June 1, 2009
I am police detective and always carry this light on my person as i never know when I will be in a dark environment. It\'s compact and very bright blowing away my rechargeable 30,000 candlepower Maglite installed in my detective car. This light is perfect for law enforcement as primary or backup light to be kept on your duty belt on in my situation on my dress belt.
By Kelly B.
May 31, 2009
Totally awesome thats all I have to say!! It goes with me everywhere!!!
huge value against competing lights
May 24, 2009
This is one seriously powerful compact light. I\'ve got the olive-drab R2 WH version and use it primarily on a heavily wooded property. It more than holds its own for my needs, easily cutting through dark woods and haze. I was pleased to discover that Olight operates under the premise of giving its customers more than they bargained for. Whether or not you use the extras, the M20 packs in a bunch of goodies for which other manufacturers charge extra or don\'t offer at all: front strike bezel, cigar ring, pocket clip, battery magazine, dual o-rings front and back, and a quality holster with side pockets for spare batteries. For indoor or close-up work I prefer a ringless beam (like my SureFire 6P LED) but outdoors the M20 is hard to beat. Plus the package offers huge value against competing lights.
By Peter A.
April 24, 2009
This flashlight has almost no weight and is astoundingly BRIGHT! I love the pocket clip. The low power 7 lumens option is pure genius - 150hours runtime! or I can BLAST something with white light at 250 lumens! I got nothing bad to say about this product. Trust me, buy it!
By Leon
M20 vs TK11 R2
April 10, 2009
I bought the M20 R2 with the smooth reflector at the same time as the TK11 R2. Both are excellent torches. I compared these to my P3D, 6P Surefire with M30 drop in and various other lights.. I would highly recommend the smooth reflector upgrade. The spill from the smooth reflector is still very useable and the throw is increased. The TK11 R2 and the M20 orange peel reflector have nearly identical beam shots. But the M20 pulls away with the smooth reflector. The M20 is very well built, comfortable, and has a nice array of useable options. The 6P with M30 drop in is the only torch of its size that matches the Olight M20 smooth reflector torch. But the M20 has variable lumen settings, comes with a pouch, and MOST IMPORTANTLY - can use rechargeable batteries unlike Surefire lights. This is the best light in its class/size/price.
By Kevin
March 28, 2009
I got mine about a month ago and absolutely love it! I have both reflectors but use the SMO because of the extra throw and tight hot spot. I play around with it all the time, but I really can\'t wait to get up to the mountains with it. It\'s pretty close to the same size as the Surefire 6P, but the bezel and cigar ring make it a little bit broader. I got it in the \"Olive Drab Green\" color, but it is really more of a darkish sand color; looks really cool. Never even heard of the cigar ring before, but find myself using it all the time. Love the levels of light, and the throw is like no other light that size that I\'ve ever seen. People I show are just amazed. No question it is the best flashlight I have ever had (including my Surefire 6P). Then again, I\'ve never paid that much for one. Actually, I guess I should clarify. Everyone knows SF makes a top notch product, but even with my R2 5 mode drop in, I still like my Olight M20 better (and it has a much better hot spot and throw). If there is a negative side, my light seems to have a very slight greenish tint to it, but except for walls it\'s hard to tell. Also, there is at least one other site that lets you choose which reflector you want instead of charging you another $10 for the smooth reflector. As always, batteryjuction was fast and had great customer service.
By Gettnbetter
Excellent Flashlight
March 18, 2009
I purchased this unit in January. It\'s worked flawlessly since the day I recieved it. The light is solid and the electronics are incredibly efficient. I hear no DC-DC converter noise either. It accepts a wide range of input voltages too! If there was anything I could complain about it would be that the thing didn\'t come with a smooth round threaded collar to replace the square removable anti-roll component and clip.
By Aris
March 13, 2009
Great light!! very bright and it has a very sturdy feel. It\'s now my new EDC(it used to be my Fenix P3D Q5)...worth the money...
By Dan C.
The Ideal Tactical Flashlight!
March 8, 2009
250 lumens of focused white light, continuous for 3 hours on one 18650! That\'s impressive. There\'s nothing to dislike about the M20. The fit and finish is excellent, the feel and placement of the on/off switch is ideal...it\'s my EDC (every day carry) light, nuff said.
By Bryon
Best light for under $100
March 7, 2009
This light is the sturdiest light I own and the best light by far available for under $100. The issue I\'ve had with it so far is that the light will flash and then turn off if the bezel is tightened too tight. Other than that it works wonderfully and the output is great. Batterjunction.com beats the best price on this light by $15.
By Adam
Perfect Tactical Flashlight
February 14, 2009
This light has it all, I was very happy with it, purchased with picattiny rail mount kit and remote sensor and it looks and works top notch.
By Anibal
February 12, 2009
I bought this light a month ago and I can\'t believe how great it is. I\'m currently using it as my primary flashlight in law enforcement and couldn\'t be happier. I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a great tactical flashlight.
By Joey
February 12, 2009
After reading lots and lots of reviews for days, I made it very clear that this is the one thing that I wanted for Christmas. I was so happy to get it. It has great craftsmanship and it works flawlessly! The box it came in was nice too. This is by far the brightest light I\'ve owned. (excluding huge spotlights) Overall I\'m very pleased. I can\'t wait to use this on duty... Thanks Olight for a great light and thanks BatteryJunction.com for the great prices!!!
By Mike
Seems good to me!
February 6, 2009
Great build, bright as hell, I would buy the olive if I had the extra cash. Oh yeah and did I mention its BRIGHT!
By Brian
What An Amazing Light!
February 5, 2009
Talk about the best bang for the buck! I purchased this light from BatteryJunction.com about 3 months ago, best light I ever purchased by far! Now if I can only get my wife to believe me when I tell her it\'s necessary for me to keep purchasing weekly from this site :) Thanks Guys!

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