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By Jack
Central Illinois
September 1, 2021
Bought these to power 1 cell flash lights. This makes the light burn brighter and longer.
By John
HOT when charging, even at 500mAh.
April 25, 2021
These batteries seem to be dangerous as they get hot when charging, even at 500 mAh. I use an Xtar Dragon charger. The batteries are obviously defective because some of them get hot and some don't when charging at the same rate. I guess I should have listened to the name of these batteries, Ultrafire, before I bought them but I was new to the battery market at that time, so I had no idea.
By David
Kalamazoo, MI
Long lasting
April 2, 2020
A long lasting battery at a fair price.
By Philip
Overland Park, KS
purchased August 2015!
March 6, 2020
Bought two for my LD11 back in 2015. I work nights and only used these two batteries. The negative contact on both has warn off in the center and they no longer charge.
By Michael
Troy, MI
Good battery
March 5, 2020
Bought specifically for a Coast flashlight to increase its output. Works great.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Love these
January 13, 2019
Great batteries for those items that can handle these, as they are really powerful. Have used them extensively on high discharge flashlights than can handle them, but am migrating to batteries that have built in micro-usb chargers built into them for some other uses. These have their place though in items that can handle the high output and take several batteries (easier to recharge these with a charger than to do 4 batteries with micro-usb cords running all over the place). Toss up for me on having access to a good charger or the micro-usb cords, so I have alot of these and they serve me well. I like the 900 mAh in these versus the micro-usb batteries built in which have lesser mAh. If you are going to have access to a charger that can handle these batteries, then get some of these.
By Jim
Happy Camper
March 31, 2017
Love the batteries, have purchased them before from you and back for more. Great products all around. Have been buying from Your company for some years now. What I REALLY like is the service!!! Whenever I call , no matter the reason, I receive competent, courteous service and my questions are answered and issues, if any, resolved expediently. Well done. Thanks, Jim
By Mike
Glastonbury, CT
Works great in my single cell lights
November 6, 2016
I have these in a JETBEAM-JET-1-MK that I carry in my Leatherman surge belt case (tight fit but very capable little light) and also a Thrunight Archer 1A v3. Works great in both and noticeably more output than AA cell.
ProsGreater power and output capabilities over regular AA cell. This means higher overall light output over all flashlight outputs (low/Med/High). Longer runtime if you can use Medium light output with this cell vs. needing to use high output with AA cell.
Consthese are a tad bit longer than standard AA cells, maybe 1 or 1.5mm longer but I did not have a problem with the two lights that I put them into. Not every light can deal with the higher voltage outputs of this cell which is 3.6V vs. AA 1.5V and I'm not sure how to tell if lights can handle it or not other than reading online is others have had success using it in their lights. Needs Lithium Ion charger and can not be used with regular AA/AAA charger that is meant for NiMH or NiCad batteries.
By Magenta
Lafayette LA
Real Ultrafire battery
April 3, 2016
I was duped by other websites that offer the Ultrafire 1200 Mah batteries only to later discover that Ultrafire does not even make a 14500 , 1200mAh battery. The highest rated 14500 is a 900 mAh by Ultrafire and the counterfeit 14500 only lasted about 17 minutes on high in my Nitecore SRT3. These 900mAh batteries at full charge last 42 minutes and come up to 4.18 volts when fully charged. That means that the counterfeit batteries are only about 450 mAh. Stick to name brand batteries such as Nitecore, Olight and Panasonic.
ConsNone so far
By Just1mor
" Sunglasses Optional " . . . . .
February 20, 2016
Folks, this is what my son jokingly said when we replaced the AA Duracell with the Ultrafire in his MT10-A I gave him for his birthday. The difference in the brightness level had to increase threefold over the standard AA. We now have 5-6 of these around the house and always have one in the MT10. We also have one charged & ready along with a Duracell AA in a 2pc.storage case that is never too far from the MT10. If you are looking to upgrade a light & increase the light power, trust me, you can not go wrong with these Ultrafires . . . . and at @ $6.00, you can most definitely afford to get 4-5 to make sure you have enough "juice" when you need it. Be safe.
ProsGood power upgrade / Seems to hold a charge longer than some other AA's I have / Great sale price as of tonight
ConsNothing extreme but the discharge can generate some heat if used in a light not designed for the type of battery.
By tommy
severn md
Nice 14500 good price.
September 29, 2015
Nice 14500 good price.
By Horace
Litchfield, NH
Nice Battery
June 3, 2015
Exactly as described.
By Michael
Greenwood, DE
Great for the money
April 29, 2015
Works well, has good output and is a great value for the price
Consmine doesn't take the full 900 mah, but then again I've not had many flashlight batteries that would
By Bassteamer
Work great, but bring spares
March 11, 2015
They provide plenty power for my everyday carry flashlight, but with only 900 mA with technology what it is, spares will be needed if you are using a light that draws a lot of power.
ProsProvides 3-1/2+ volts, and they charge quickly (make sure to use a charger designed for them). Also, with the built in protection circuit, they cannot be over discharged.
ConsThey can be quickly drained with a high power flashlight. My Sunwayman set to 500umens can drain one in about 20 minutes.
By pinson
ultrafire 14500
July 4, 2013
great batterys in nitecore mt1a super brite.
By Adam
Low Discharge Rate
May 26, 2012
While this item has the 900mah storage. The discharge rate was not strong enough to keep my Helicoptor in the air. My Heli takes 2 Lipo 14500 ( AA) 7.2v pack.
By Adam
May 26, 2012
I have the Heli in another review. I also noticed these batteries got HOT because the discharge rate is Low!

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