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By Brian
Quinton, VA
A Best Buy. Still using after 6 years
June 28, 2021
I have owned one of these for 6 years. I still use it camping, working and in power outages during hurricanes. I have bought every family member one for their house. I have 4. I use them with the D’s for most uses and have Eneloop AA spacers for backup. I always have a bunch of those charged and ready to go.
By David
Alford, FL
December 5, 2019
This little sucker is bright. Floods they run them nicely with bright white light. Used it during Hurricane Michael and it was flawless. Even the power button has a gentle Flash that apparently has no drain on the batteries I had it sitting for 4 years before I needed it and the batteries last at the superbly
By TomOinGburg
Good lantern
April 25, 2019
This is my third one, the other two are still on their first battery load. Good for power outages and illumination in tight places. I like the D cells because of the higher capacity, but for standby I only use primary cells.
By christine M.
west hartford, ct.
None better!
December 21, 2018
Unquestionably the best lanterns I've ever owned. Power outages in New England are not uncommon. I leave a few of these placed throughout the house. Their "burn" time is phenomenal with the batteries I also buy through you. I can get through a multiple day outage with the house safely lit, and choose one of two light output levels. Great, too, for searching in an unlit lower cabinet for that item you absolutely need!
By Tom
St. Petersburg,Fl
Died After Battery Leaked
October 3, 2017
I have my Sportsman for for 5 years and found it very durable and produce good lighting. However, after using it this summer and returning home it suddenly began to start flashing without my touching it. When I took it apart I discovered a battery or two had leak and cause corrosion on the inside. Once I cleaned all the corrosion off and installed new batteries it would not work again. For the cost involved I would have expected in longer life. I have subsequently read that you should remove batteries from the flashlight is not going to be used anytime soon.
By Aaron
Boca Raton, Florida
September 14, 2017
Item arrived without any instructions. No explanation as to how to install the three D batteries. Furthermore, very cumbersome as far as trying to screw on the top once it has been removed to install/replace the batteries.
ConsSee our review
By craig
newmanstown, PA
got it on sale and was good a price to turn down
April 18, 2017
my main lanterns are stream light sieges but the other Christmas this was offer for such a good price I got it when weather is cooler or cold we use kerosene lanterns but during hot to warm months we use battery lanterns so have an extra around is always a good idea
Prosbright easy to use
Consnone I found
nice camping light
September 30, 2016
Not to bright ,not to low works great in the evening while listening to my music and having a couple cold beers
By Sharon
Alexandria, IN
Need a light?? This is the one to have!!
May 23, 2016
This is about the best lantern i have ever used...very bright!!
Trinidad, Colorado
Rayovac Lantern 241 Lumens
May 10, 2016
This is overall a VERY good product, BUT The green LED is ALWAYS blinking, even with the main switch "off". Changing the batteries is a clumsy operation. The base twists off to load the batteries. Putting back the base however requires a tricky alignment of the contacts. The base has two sections. The section with the contacts rotate freely about the section that you grip. But for 12.82 and FREE SHIPPING this is a steal in my opinion.
ConsTo pricey to buy here at Battery Junction: Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED Lantern, Green by Rayovac List Price: $29.99 Price: $12.82 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49. Details You Save: $17.17 (57%) In Stock.
By John H.
Floral Park, NY
best bang for the buck
March 4, 2016
This sportman light give off a bright 240 lumens for a very easy to carry light. It's compact but is great for camping or power outages where you need a good light that doesn't use a lot of batteries. These only use 3 d batteries which you can find anywhere!
Proscompact, bright.uses on 3 d batteries
By jeff
Ottawa, OH
excellent emergency lantern
September 19, 2015
Bought it "just in case". After power loss I was very pleased with performance. Bright but not blinding, very handy.
By Jim
Awesome lantern.
January 7, 2015
We use these at our cabin in Maine, the amount of light they throw is amazing, super tough build quality.
ProsTons of light, uses D batts which are easy to find.
By Trevor
Sitka, AK
Sportman LED Lantern
October 24, 2014
This is an awesome little LED lantern and will make a great addition for camping or emergency lighting during a power outage.
By Joshua
Great Lantern!!
May 21, 2014
A year ago or so I lost power for a few days and I lost it at night, after that I realized I should have a lantern easily accessible for just such an emergency, this is the one I have now and it is super super bright! lights up the whole room!
By Dani
Great Long Lasting Lantern
January 29, 2013
The light bulb in my kitchen ceiling fan went out 2 weeks ago and I kept forgetting to buy new ones and didnā€™t feel like changing the bulb because itā€™s a bit of a process and Iā€™m a very unhandy girl. I bought this lantern a few months ago during Hurricane sandy and fished it out of my closet. I had this lantern as the main source of light in my kitchen for 2 weeks until I finally got around to changing the bulb. It lit up my kitchen enough to cook and do everything I needed just as well as the celling light and I never even needed to change the batteries. This light was also a life saver during the power outages and on my summer camping trips! I highly recommend!
By Dennis
Good work light, good for emergencies
November 3, 2012
I got a few of these lanterns. First, I use one for a work light in an area where it is difficult to get adequate light. This thing does better than one of those old-fashioned fluorescent lanterns that use 2 expensive lantern batteries. (Not to mention, using weak batteries ruins the tubes.) This lantern, on the other hand, goes and goes on one change of batteries and can use regular rechargeable batteries. And it is much brighter. I will add one caution: It is extremely difficult to change the batteries because putting the cap back on is miserably difficult. Fumbling around in the dark trying to get the cap back on is an exercise in frustration. For this reason, I recommend using LSD NiMH batteries or alkalines (with the caution that alkalines sometimes leak) if you are using them for storm emergencies. If you can get past the difficulty of aligning the cap after replacing the batteries, these are also great for rolling blackouts. Combined with an excellent charger also sold at Battery Junction and NiMH batteries, these lights will replace a regular 40 watt incandescent or 10 watt squiggly bulb. Use these in place of candles--no risk of fire with this fine lantern.
By Joe
Great Lantern, Beware Battery Drain from LED
November 2, 2012
I got 3 of these Lanterns, and they\'re great. The only downside for me, is that there is a small blinking led above the button that flashes periodically all the time, and no way to turn it off. The manufacturer says that this causes very minimal drainage, but still, if you pop a fresh set of batteries, it will drain it in about 8-9 months. I think the led was meant to be able to find it easily in a power outage, or camping situation. Technically this light is meant for camping, but i use these for power outages and keep them in the house. They are able to be attached to a hook from both the handle, and there is a little plastic hook that folds out from the bottom of the lantern as well. It\'s rugged, and takes 3 C batteries, so what i do is i keep all 3 in the lantern, but i flip one around to make sure there\'s no drain. Also, i have opened these up (all it takes is a phillips head) and physically removed the led light. Some people complained about the way the bottom opens, but it\'s not hard if you make sure to align the cap where the stickers are marked. Overall this is a fantastic light, that is able to light up a whole room for a very long time.
By Mike
Durable, usable Light
October 7, 2012
I have three of these. My sons use two of them all of the time. The batteries last 4 to 6 months with about a 5 hours a week on \"low\" which is bright enough. I bought 3 more last Christmas for friends, which was right before they lost power for a week, so they were very grateful. On a camping trip I\'ve left one all night outside a tent in the rain. Works fine. Very well designed, very rugged, water resistant lantern. The trickiest thing is lining the bottom plate back up after you replace the batteries.
By Charlie
Just bought 2 more
September 9, 2012
I bought 2 of these lanterns over a year ago and I use them in my closet and the garage and I must say they do a very good job and the batteries last a long time. I just bought 2 more of them to use for emergency lighting. They really do a great job for only using D size batteries.
By Paul
Brightest LED Lantern
August 28, 2012
This LED Lantern is Fantastic, it\'s Very bright and lasts a long time and it only needs 3 size D batteries. It also has a small green LED beacon to locate it in the dark. This is much brighter than any of my other LED lanterns, even the lanterns that are much larger. Others people in my family have them now, since they heard about mine.
By Jon
Great Little Lantern
June 5, 2012
This lantern from Rayovac is great. I used it for a camping trip over a weekend and it lasted all three nights on high with the same set of batteries. I bought this lantern thinking it was going to be too small to light up anything but it works well. I used it under the pop up tent and it worked well. It isn\'t the brightest lantern out there, but if you don\'t want to worry about kids burning themselves on gas lanterns when they go exploring this is a great alternative.

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