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By Jon
New Jersey
Great Batteries!
April 9, 2020
Love these. Will never have to buy regular AA batteries again......just but these once and then keep recharging! Saves lots of money...
By Steve
Redding, CA
These work well!
March 5, 2020
After doing research on flashlight and battery related forums, I bought these batteries. They work very well in our flashlights and other electronics. No surprises. They work reliably.
By Kulelat
N Las Vegas, NV
Save money on this AA batteries
July 25, 2019
Stop wasting money on throw away batteries and get these batteries. Great for around the house uses; remotes, controllers, and other electronics.
By Mike
Can't Go Wrong
July 16, 2019
Good products and customer service! Good choice for rechargeable batts!
By Jason
Seam to be high quality
February 19, 2019
So far so good. I have them in my remotes and clocks...
By ED209
consistent performance
January 4, 2018
These are great AA sized rechargeable batteries. It's pre-charged so I was able to use these right out of the package. I bought these specifically to use in my nitecore EA81 flashlight and it works great.
Prosgood price, pre-charged, reliable
By Jim
Slow delivery
September 27, 2017
Batteries as ordered seem to be working fine. Delivery could have been much faster however
By Rich
Great Batteries
February 8, 2017
We've done away with alkaline batteries in pretty much everything now in favor of these low self discharge rechargeable Eneloops.
ProsDon't have to worry about alkaline batteries leaking in seldom used devices and these batteries still work when you need them to.
By Wild B.
Hubert, NC
September 23, 2016
Thought I would try these as a replacement for another brand (Tenergy). They have a quality control problem that results in some cells self discharging over a short period of time. So far the Panasonics don't seem to have that problem.
ProsVery low self discharge.
By David
, park WYOMING
Looks good
January 24, 2016
Fast shipping good price
By William
Venice, FL
Great with lots of Power!
November 13, 2015
These batteries are wonderful. They are much better for my off camera strobe speed light than consumer RayOvacs! Good price too! Can't beat them!
By Keith
Racine, WI
Excellent quality
October 9, 2015
Initially chose to purchase these batteries, as I had much trouble with those of a competitor. This choice came after reading reviews and consumer ratings. These batteries are quite dependable and retain their charge well, even though they are stored for long periods before being put into service. I have switched over to solely ENELOOP batteries for our test equipment at work. I also purchase these for my wife's daycare.
By Ellen
Works great!
February 3, 2015
It works as it should.
By Casey
Hayward, CA
Good battery
December 11, 2014
I received these batteries in an opened package. Since the batteries looked new, I did not return them. They came charged. Used them and so far so good.
By Dennis
Rochester, New York
Excellent battery, fair price
April 12, 2014
I got some of these batteries for various emergency situations. As well as using them to run bicycle headlights--and not the wimpy sort, either. The lights I now run are far brighter than mainstream lights, but use more power. In below zero (-20 C) conditions, I experienced no major issues with these batteries while running them. Additionally, they hold their charge. After storing them for a year in devices used for emergencies, I top them off. And it only takes a few minutes, indicating that they are still mostly charged. This yearly ritual sure beats running to a store in an emergency, fighting a crowd, and paying too much for the last batteries that may not get through the emergency. And, when used in the Fenix headlamps (sold here), it matters not whether the lights go out (and the generator goes dead) tomorrow or next year, or several years from now. These batteries will be ready when I need them--beats trying to work in pitch dark or being at the mercy of the store to supply flashlights (which are usually wimpy). They also work in other devices where alkaline batteries used to be required. About the only devices they do poorly are those Christmas lights that require 1.5 V and do poorly at 1.2 volts. Otherwise, they are fine--and no issues with charging with the smart chargers sold here. Saves money on alkaline batteries, prevents them from ending up in landfills, and no leaks! No leaks means no ruining that expensive O-light or Nitecore light. It also means having power when you need it.
ProsRechargeable for more than 1,000 recycles, or more than 2-3 years in heavy use. Holds a charge for any emergency situation, whether now or a year from now. No leaks. You can charge more than 100 of them and then be ready for an emergency instead of wasting time at the supermarket.
ConsReduced capacity compared to standard NiMH batteries, but that's what you get for low self-discharge. The voltage of 1.2 volts may not work in all devices, especially incandescent lights, unregulated flashlights (the cheaper ones), and certain Christmas lights where 1.5 volts is mandatory. This is true with all NiMH batteries.
By lwknight
Eneloop 1500s Rock!
July 28, 2012
These batteries have proven true to their claims. I can\'t say that they are the best but I doubt that you will find better. Long storage , Long run time and fair pricing.

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