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By Philip
Overland Park, KS
It works
September 17, 2016
It charges batteries!
ProsThe progress lights are easy to see
By dagored
Port Orange, FL
My first Li-ion Charger
April 7, 2016
Have had many Ni-Cad charges, this is my 1st Li-ion. Simple and easy to operate. Does everything as described in the product description. Purchased with Nitecore RCR123A Li-ions. Everything works fine, just as expected.
ProsPop batteries in, check on indicator lights, so easy
ConsNone so far
Southern California
Simple, but does the job
March 29, 2016
I have the Nitecore D4 charger already, but the i2 charger came as a package deal along with two 2600 mah 18650 batteries when I bought the EC4S. The i2 works fine. The unit gets a little warm, but not hot. It can charge one or two batteries at a time and the unit shuts off when charging is complete. The D4 is nicer due to its digital display, but for the price and functionality, the i2 is more than adequate. Plus, now I can charge SIX batteries at a time. I'm happy with the unit.
By Yenzy
Caguas, PR
Fast and useful charger.
March 17, 2016
This site http://lygte-info.dk/review/Review%20Charger%20SysMax%20i2%20UK.html is what made me buy this charger. It is super easy to use. You drop in the batteries and just wait for the LED's to stop flashing. It cannot get any simpler. It accepts a variety of batteries and works fast.
ProsBattery size versatility LED progress indicators Compact size
By Louis
Clovis, CA
Nitecore Intellicharge i2.2
March 11, 2016
Very solid piece of equipment, works with different size batteries and quickly charges.
By Jack F.
Summit, New Jersey
Great little Charger
March 1, 2016
Just got it the other day and charged all of my 18650s that needed it. The ones that were already charged were indicated thusly within ten seconds or so of putting them in the charger. The series of three lights to indicate charging progress are quite helpful in figuring out how far along in the charging process the batteries are. The fact that each battery is independent of the other as far as charging goes is a great feature. Haven't used it for long but like it a lot so far. Feels like it is solidly constructed and should hold up well under long term usage. It's not fancy, just functional. I like that!
By Bob
Lawrence, Kansas
One very cool charger!
February 21, 2016
And it is cool...to the touch. I charged 12 Eveready "AAA" and "AA" back to back as soon as this charger arrived. The i2 never got hot. The batteries were new so had some charge in them. All were fully charged. This device is intelligent enough to know what battery you insert and charge it properly. That is as good as it gets....Oh, and the great price. You can use this in car or home!
By Frank R.
Atlanta, Georgia
Works as advertised.
February 17, 2016
The smaller type AAA or 10440 batteries have to be positioned in the charger just right or they won't make contact and are easily knocked out of position. Other than that it works just fine.
By Neil
Good charger
February 14, 2016
Very good charger.
ProsAutomatic functions.
ConsWish it came with a 12 volt cord but not a major fault.
By Rodney
Wilsonville, AL
Great Product
February 13, 2016
Easy to use with all needs
By davemi
Detroit, Michigan USA
Nitecore i2 -2 batt charger
January 26, 2016
Decent, authentic Nitecore i2 charger Good price & shipping. Reasonable standard ship time
ProsWish I had bought i4 charger
By Jeff
Norton Shores, MI
Great Performer at a Great Value
January 25, 2016
I read some very extensive, expert test reviews on this unit before making my purchase, and learned that it's a great performer! I didn't currently have the budget to pay for a lot of "bells and whistles", such as digital displays, etc. I simply needed a great performing, safe 2-cell charger for my flashlights and new lasers that would provide good charges to my cells without being hard or harmful to them. This charger is EXTREMELY simply to use and understand, and does it's job well!
ProsSimple to use. Safe, and does it's job well. Charging times are more than acceptable. Doesn't overcharge or heat up your cells.
By jason
Quarryville, PA
great charger
January 2, 2016
got this charger as a backup. great overall charger, i especially like the flashing indicator light that tells the current charge of the battery
Prossimple, easy to use, flashing charge indicator light
Consnone so far
By Craig
Talbott, TN
November 26, 2015
use this for my Flashlight batteries and it works GREAT!!
ProsEase of use and reliability
By Rick
Cedar Rapid, Iowa
Practical to charge from solar collector
November 2, 2015
Finally found one. I have a 20w solar tri-fold that charges everything excelant except this one item missing and now I'm covered. When the grid drops and we have all these recharables I can charge mine. Thanks for this simple and perfect item. Oh yeah and it works great.
ProsNo outlet required.
By Max
Los Alamos, NM
Simple to use and fully automatic
August 23, 2015
The AAA rechargeables came to full charge in a couple of hours. The charger is quite simple, but by no means basic, owing to its ability to detect and charge batteries of several chemistries.
ProsLights indicate full charge and blink as they are charging. Will not overcharge batteries and will work unattended.
ConsInserting the AAA Ni-Mh batteries requires just a bit of dexterity because they must be placed high in the sockets. They don't make contact when placed at the bottom of the slot. Ni-Cd batteries are an older technology and are larger in diameter; these will occupy the full diameter of the charging slot.
By John R.
Fredericksburg, VA
Awesome 'universal' smart charger
June 16, 2015
What a great deal on the i2. You're able to charge multiple types of batteries from AAA to 18650's. The i2 is as able to tell the type of battery in each slot and charge independently. It knows how much current to go into each slot and automatically stops charging when each battery is full. Instead of AC power, you can buy the $5 cigarette lighter' adapter and be able to charge batteries in your car. High quality unit and built of flame resistant plastic.
ProsPrice, quality, able to charge a high variety of batteries.
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
My first charger
June 14, 2015
So I got this charger with a combo, and it's the best investment anyone can make when buying high quality equipment. I've charged rechargeable AA's, AAA's, 18350, and 18650 batteries. I have had no problems what's so ever; it's all how you insert them that's the trick.
By Todd
Rochester NY
Works awesome
June 4, 2015
I now have a few of these Nitecore chargers and I love them!
By Tom
March 31, 2015
Gets the job done in a decent time frame
ProsCharges the battery full and shows a nice display to let you know when its finished. Wont overcharge the battery once its full.
ConsThe rolling mechanism that holds the battery into place, if you are not careful will chew up the batteries. So to avoid this, push it back by hand then place the battery in the charger.
By David
Skagit Valley, WA
Great little charger
February 21, 2015
Got tired of putting AA's into my golf GPS unit. This little charger is great.
ProsTakes both AA and AAA. easy to use.
By Greg
Franklin, GA
Works as advertised
January 24, 2015
Another great product from Nitecore. It does what is says it will do
By Stan
Quality battery charger
January 17, 2015
Only used it a couple of times at this point but it works as advertised. Further use will be the deciding factor if it holds up but I am betting that it will. Quality products rarely let you down.
By Ed
Got it at the right price
January 13, 2015
Received my charger last week and put in 2 18650s that I received in the same order. The charger worked fine but it must have been on the Trickle Charge, it took about 7 hours to complete the charge so plan ahead when you use it. I like the fact that it will charge 2 different battery types at the same time. It fits my needs well so for the price I give it 5 stars.
Pros price, auto off, versatility, size
Cons none so far
By Jim
A great entry level charger.
January 7, 2015
A great way to get started in Li-on rechargeables, inexpensive, easy to use, safe.
ProsWon't break the bank.
ConsOnly two slots, not really a con when you consider the price.
By Ike
Good small charger
January 5, 2015
Charges a variety of batteries nice and simple. No flair, just gets the job done.
ProsGood product Good price Quick charge
By Mike
Pineville, La.
Nitecore I2 charger
December 26, 2014
Nice charger at a great price.
By Brad
Great purchase
December 21, 2014
Great charger works just as described!
ProsWorks Great no problems
By Mikeflo
Last years battery charger
December 15, 2014
Good product and good shipping and packaging from Battery Junction.
By Beau
Birmingham Alabama
Good charger
November 21, 2014
This nitecore charger works well so far. I have had it for only a week and it seems to charge pretty well.
ProsAuto off is great and the auto sensor is really nice
ConsOnly has yellow led indicators wish it had red and green as well Had to take battery out and place it back in
By Beck
compact and smart
November 20, 2014
This compact charger was priced right and gets the job done. With the ability to charge different battery sizes and chemisty at the same time, the i2 is very versatile. Two nice things about the charger are that the power cord detaches from the charger, making it easy to store and the charge indicator gives you an idea of where you are in the charge cycle. Nice, simple, smart charger. You put batteries in, it charges them up, you take them out and use em, then repeat!
Prossmall, versatile.
ConsNone, uless you want more slots. In that case, buy a different charger.
By Josh
Greenville, SC
Awesome Charger
August 20, 2014
I got this to replace my Utrafire charger, I keep hearing abut how bad the Ultrafire was so I made the switch and haven't looked back. I like that it fits all the batteries I have without having spacers like my old one.
By Bob
SYSMAX i2 charger
November 26, 2013
Purchased this charger in August 2013 worked well till November when the one set of charge lights on the left side stay on with no battery in it...Only a 30 day warranty.......

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