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By Andrew
Good light
May 5, 2020
Good sized light. Works great the only thing is the tail cap is hard to get to high you have to double tap it really fast. It is just a issue with this particular tail switch after replacing it it works much better now.
By Steve
Redding, CA
Great EDC Carry and SHTF Flashlight.
March 5, 2020
This is one of our favorite flashlights. Because of the Ten-Tap Programmable feature and the multi fuel options. We have ours set for low/high output and it works really well. But the thing that we really like about this flashlight is the multi-fuel (battery) options. Officially this light supports either CR123A or AA Battery. Unofficially it also supports a AAA Battery. AAA works well with limited burn time. We are giving this light away to friends as it is easy for them to find batteries for and simple to operate. Great Light.
By Ed Z.
Great Light Pro Tac 1L-AA
December 17, 2019
This is a great EDC light. The dual option for CR123 or AA batteries is a great design. I like having options. Options give us time. The throw is solid and bright for such a small, 1 cell light. I love them and have a few with me whether in the car or in my packs. Battery Junction is great and takes care of its customers and has the best price and shipping options available.
By Gib
Best handheld flashlight I've ever owned
December 14, 2019
Look if you read all the other reviews and you still don't own one I can't help you mine's been through the washer and the dryer still works little beat up had it for almost 18 months i use CR123/AA Lithium and Alkaline It's a constant companion right next to my pocket knife
By Lenny
Clinton, CT
A great Dual Fuel light
October 18, 2019
I bought one for myself in coyote and a few more for Christmas gits. I have this one in black already and for a power out situation you cant beat the ability to use 123s or AAs. Nice small size its perfect as a EDC or a backup. I think this is a perfect light for someone just wanting a first LED light. Great for gits or relatives you want to make sure are prepared.
Simple, flexible, powerful
August 28, 2019
The 10 tap interface is fantastic -- you can have a dedicated tactical light with high only or a utility light with 2 useful modes. I'm not a fan of strobe, so I'm also glad that mode can be easily avoided. Also great is the flexibility of CR123 or AA. My complaint, as another reviewer also pointed out, is the mushy switch, and that prevents me from giving 5 stars.
So. Cal.
Great two-battery option, but...........
April 26, 2019
I got this torch because I liked the idea of being able to use one CR123 or 1AA battery. It is definitely brighter with a CR123, but cheaper and more convenient to use a 1AA. The 1AA is still bright enough for an EDC though. The LOW mode is decent for close-up tasks. I found the finish to be on the slippery side. It could use some knurling around the center of the body and bezel. The overall shape and the pocket clip help in getting a firm grip, but additional knurling would be nice. The tailcap can be removed with less than two complete turns, whether you're using a CR123 or 1AA battery. It would be more secure to have more turns before the tailcap comes off. For comparison, my SL 2AA Protac takes over three complete turns and my SL 1AAA Protac takes over five complete turns. The tint is on the warm side. There is a not-so prominent hot-spot with good spill light. The tailcap clickie has a strange feel because there is some space underneath the rubber cap and the actual clickie switch. If the rubber cap had less freeplay between it and the clickie button, it would give a better feel. This freeplay is very noticeable when you're using a half-press to cycle through the modes. (Same thing with the SL 2AA Protac, whereas the SL 1AAA Protac has a very positive feel with no freeplay.) Changing the modes is easy with the Ten Tap. The dual pocket clip is useful but the light is a little heavy to wear on your BB cap. The pocket clip is removable, but not without leaving scratches on the body of the light. I read some online forums that said you cannot use RCR batteries in the 1L 1AA. I have a friend with the same light and he tried using Nitecore, Olight and Tenergy RCRs and the light did not work correctly. It would either cycle through the modes once and then shut down or it would only go into the LOW mode. He would then go back to using primary batteries and everything was fine with no sign of damage to the circuitry. I will choose to only use primaries. It's not worth it to me to risk the potential damage. Runtimes were less than advertised with Surefire CR123s (by about 20%) and even less with AA Eneloops (about 30%) on HIGH. The nylon holster is a tight fit. The velcro flap and velcro belt loop work fine. After a week with the 1L 1AA, I noticed the brand new Surefire CR123 battery I had in it was showing an unusually low reading on my multi-tester with very little use. I decided to run a daily test for a few days and closely monitor the battery level. I found the 1L 1AA showed definite signs of parasitic battery drain. On day-1, a brand new Surefire CR123 read 3.25v and by day-4, it read 3.02v with no use. I really like the light, but the fact that it drains the battery while off is a deal-breaker to me. It had been over 7 days from my date of purchase so I no longer had the option of returning the light to Battery Junction. I will keep it and just deal with the obvious flaw by using Eneloop AAs most of the time. Had I discovered the problem sooner, I would have still had to go through the hassle of returning the light, paying for postage and the 15% restocking fee. Backing off the tailcap as a lock-out is not a good option either, since the tailcap comes completely off after less than two turns. I have several other Streamlight LED lights (Protac 1AAA, Protac 2AA, Trident headlamp and two 4AA Polymer models) and they do not drain the batteries while off. Very disappointed. Update- I contacted Streamlight and told them of them the battery drain issue. They confirmed it most likely had to do with a faulty tailcap switch that was not shutting off completely, consequently, allowing a small amount of electricity to continue flowing even when the light is off. Streamlight also told me, they do not recommend using RCR CR123 batteries. Using them should not damage the light, but it could possibly result in it not performing correctly. I sent in the light to be inspected, repaired or replaced under their lifetime warranty. After twenty-two days, I finally received a brand new 1L 1AA from Streamlight and ran another test. I found the light worked fine this time. I guess I got one with a bad tailcap switch the first time. Overall, I like the light because of its battery options, but a much brighter torch with more features could be had powered by an 18650 battery if you're willing to spend a few bucks more and a little more length is not a deal breaker. But if you're looking for the two-battery option, the 1L 1AA is a fine choice, as long as you get one with a good tailcap switch. Knowing what I know now, I would not buy this light again though.
By Kris
Walla walla, Washington
Very good light for the money
April 10, 2019
I love this light. Bright, durable, cool design using different batteries in a pinch. Found its forever home in one of my pistol mag pouches on my plate carrier. And as always, very reasonable pricing here on battery junction.
By Todd
Aurora, CO
Great light & price point
January 13, 2019
This is a great tail click light, which is my preference for use with night shooting for handguns. I use it with a Klaus 700mAh 16340 with the built in micro-usb port for ease of recharging. Can't really go wrong with Streamlight and the price is good.
By Douglas
, Greenville SC
Great Everyday Carry - love the AA / CR123 option
September 24, 2018
I use this light in my work and give as gift to my customers. I visit and review existing fire sprinkler systems in buildings up to 50 feet high. This light works well in the 35ft to 40ft range. If it had a tighter throw beam to penetrate the high intensity warehouse and manufacturing building lights it would make my job easier and more efficient. The 350 lumen rating is adequate but the tighter throw beam would be much appreciated. Other lights I have bought with higher lumens didn't work due to "flood beam". I appreciate the service and reliability of Battery Junction's people, A+ in my book.
By Perry M.
Coronado Panama
August 7, 2018
I have several pf these one and two AA lights. Dollar for dollar my Streamlight still has the edge. I have carried Streamlight since the old SL-20 came out many years ago. The lights are always working when I need them and simply out class others at any price.
By Dave
Phila, PA
Great light for a decent price
June 25, 2018
I like the dual fuel aspect. It's a great light running on a 123 but if it dies when I'm out, can pick up a cheap drug store battery to keep me going. Love Streamlights!
By Kenneth
Southbury, CT
Great Option for Battery Choice
May 20, 2018
Bought two of these flashlights in 2017 because of option to use either one CR123A battery or one AA battery. This option was a valuable feature during a recent extended power outage and one was scrambling to find appropriate batteries. Plus small & light enough for EDC. I also used the flashlight clipped to ball cap brim to free up hands. Two thumbs up!
By Nick
Northeastern United States
May 17, 2018
“Dual Fuel” or the ability to use both 123 Batteries and AA Batteries is the Future. Assuming your Flashlight goes out, a 123 Battery most likely isn’t available in most General Stores. However AA Batteries can be had with a walk around the corner. This is an important feature in a survivalist way of life. Be prepared for the unexpected.
By TAcoyote81
Northeast Alabama
Great pocket light
December 12, 2017
Being a 6 night a week coyote h7nter a good pocket light is essential. We use thermal/nite vision only so this is the only light I carry, and it must be reliable. This little streamlight is without a doubt the best one I've carried. Small, lite and dependable. I'll definitely buy more.
ProsBright, lite, small enough for pocket
By Joshua
Lake Orion, MI
Great option!
November 28, 2017
I bought this for the adaptability! I don't have to stick with one type of battery!
By Rotti
Denver Colorado
Small and powerful light
November 28, 2017
This little powerhouse puts out an amazing amount of light. Excellent everyday carry light.
By Eric
Statesville, NC
Best BANG for your buck!
October 9, 2017
Reliable, you cant beat Streamlight's performance and durability I learned this after being in law enforcement, We were taught it's always dark I never leave home without a streamlight in my pocket or on my side, I carry a micro stream always, and now I have this as my heavy duty back up for night time situations, it's small but powerful.
ProsThe dual fuel, it uses a cr123a battery for the best performance, but if it dies, you can replace it with ant aa battery and you are good to go without any modifications.
ConsNone, other than I wish I would have bought 2!!
By Steven W.
Lodi, California
Small/Bright and a must have!
May 16, 2017
This product was recommended by my range instructor, who had 10 in his briefcase he issued to us during training. He demonstrated how to shot handguns with these flashlights. They are bright enough to blind a bad guy and small enough to carry when out and about 24 hrs per day. You can't go wrong. Buy one for each of your family members.
ProsBright and small
ConsThe on/off button is recessed, so for a guy with a big thumb, you need to get used to slightly pressing to flash an area with light.
chillicothe, ohio
May 4, 2017
The concept of a dual fuel flashlight seemed to me to be a fantastic idea. No need for adapters or extra parts to convert from CR123 to AA. The flashlight is made from high quality materials and is very bright for it's size. The flashlight has 3 modes of operation. High beam, low beam. and strobe. I only found two negatives. The rubber covering the push button switch seems to be a little thin and may wear through with constant use. It may turn out to be very durable but only time will tell. The strike bezel is not as sharp as I have seen on similar models. Overall you can not go wrong with this flashlight. Very good value for what you get.
ProsDual fuel capability, 3 modes of operation, high quality good price
ConsThe rubber covering the push button switch seems to be a little thin and may wear through with constant use. It may turn out to be very durable but only time will tell. The strike bezel is not as sharp as I have seen on similar models.

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