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By Joshua
Lake Orion, MI
Great EDC Light!
March 11, 2018
Great EDC Light! Doesn't take up a lot of room in your pocket or on your keychain! Very bright!
By Chris
Manchester, CT
Great light
March 7, 2018
I like the reflector and the quality is awesome as usual. I wish they made on like this but with a clicky switch.
By Joe
Jacksonville, FL
First Surefire. Last?
December 21, 2017
I was pretty excited when my Titan Plus arrived. Was initially quite impressed with the output. Still am. Regular use, however, surfaced a couple of issues. I've owned sever other single-AAA lights. All had a more positive action than this one, i.e., when you turned it on to ma particular setting, you knew that's what you had, no flickering. This one often requires an extra twist to extract a steady beam but the extra twist makes it difficult to know what setting it's on. More recently, I've noticed that the ring that secures the pocket clip to the body has a rather sharp edge, irritating the side of my hand as I reach for other items in my pocket. Both seem to be easily fixable design and/or manufacturing flaws. Not what I expected in light (all puns intended} of Surefire's reputation and price.
ProsQuite bright. Strong case.
ConsDon't plan on the turbo setting for any duration Uncertain action. Sharp edge.
surefire titan plus
August 4, 2017
this is one deluxe flashlight . the brightness and runtime are great for a AAA .
Prosthe size fits the hand nice , the brightness levels are well suited for this size light and the well made light is my best AAA that I have .
Consit is pricy for sure !
So. Cal.
Very bright but also very expensive
September 27, 2016
I am a big fan of Surefire products. They are high quality and have a very good warranty but it comes at a price. The Titan Plus is very bright for its size, but you have to use a NiMh AAA to obtain the higher lumens. Those batteries are more expensive and not as readily available as Alkalines. The keyring attachment is nice and so is the finish. For the money, I would get three Nitecore Tips instead.
This is a SureFire?
May 20, 2016
SureFires are light weight polymer or aluminum. This is nickeled brass which feels heavy on a key chain. Surefires have spot focused beams with peripheral spill over. This has a radial faceted reflector that throws a wide cone of diffuse light. Surefires seem to deliver much more useful light than other lights of similar lumen value. This 300 lumen light looks like a candle compared to my ancient Surefire Backup with 110 lumens. Don't get me wrong. This thing puts out a lot of light for a AAA pocket light but it is not your typical Surefire. Can't recommend it above cheaper imports.
ProsNickeled finish is tough and retro.
ConsHeavy Fuzzy beam with short reach Expensive
By Dave
Springfield MO
Power house
May 16, 2016
For a light this size, it's brightness is outstanding. It was just a tiny bite larger than other AAA powered lights but not an issue for me. I travel internationally often to remote areas with a medical team and power failures are a way of life. I always try to have a small flashlight with me but sometimes you just don't. This beauty I can always have with me and that is s good feeling. The three power levels are obtained by rapidly turning the head on/off within on second. Tuff to do one handed but possible with practice.
ProsThis is the most powerful AAA light I have ever seen and I am a flashlight enthoueist. Will take recharable or regular AAA batteries.
Small but...
March 15, 2016
I'm very amazed when I used it. Small but... very powerful.
ProsCOOL !
By Marc
Quite Bright For a AAA Light
November 29, 2015
This light feels great in the hand and is nicely finished with smooth, curved surfaces. It's quite bright, but the advertised 300-lumens lasts only a short time.
ProsSmall AAA light. Brighter than most AAA lights. Surefire quality.
ConsYou need to use a NiMH AAA battery (one is included) in order to get the 300-lumens. The 300-lumen setting only lasts for a couple of minutes on a fully-charged battery. The light changes brightness modes by twisting the head back and forth. The head must be twisted on-and-off-and-on-and-off-and-on in order to get to the highest setting.
By Sebago
Santa Maria, KA
The perfect small light
September 20, 2015
If you are looking for a great small "key chain" light, this one is it! PLUS, this is a great place to get it. With the beam's shape, brightness, tint, and ease of use, this light is fantastic. Speaking of fantastic, that makes me think of the customer service of BOTH Battery Junction and SureFire.
By Andy
Southwest Missouri
Best AAA Keychain Light I've Found
June 19, 2015
I recently purchased the Titan-A to replace a Klarus Mi10. The Klarus has served me well for the past year everywhere I go on my keychain but a tiny Surefire was too tempting to pass up. I've found in addition to an increase in output the Surefire offers more spill and a warmer color that I prefer.
By John
Clay, AL
Great flashlight
May 2, 2015
Great keychain-size flashlight! Sadly, I would give it five stars if it would have taken more than the few different AAA cells that mine could fit (Rayovac 750 mA-Hr NiMH and Energizer Industrial alkalines!). The Energizer Ultimate Lithiums (L92), Duracell alkalines , and Duracell 1,000 mA-Hr NiMHs, to name a few, wouldn't fit . Bright - and 'broke-in' - with use - to smooth operating. Great Surefire quality, otherwise. Could use some knurling.
ProsIt's a Surefire - great quality. Bright.
ConsPicky as to batteries that fit it. Expensive!
By Mark
Bethlehem, PA
Great pocket flashlight to carry all the time
May 2, 2015
I have been looking for a small flashlight I can carry with me at all times for some time. I have found some simple one led lamps that work OK. However, I kept looking to see if something better might turn up. There are several small one-AAA flashlights I have seen. However, the reviews always left me with doubts. In particular, many said that they had problems with the cap coming off while in pocket because the cap was loosened to turn them off and on. I decided to give this new Surefire one a try. So far, I am very impressed. One does turn this flashlight off and on by rotating the cap. However, I have not had any issues with the cap coming loose or the light turning on in my pocket. The quality is extremely high. The threads are very fine, and there seems to be enough friction to not cause any issues like that. The light is usably bright on low power, and it is close to what one gets with a traditional large flashlight like the old 2 D-cell lamps when on high power. As noted in the specs, it also throws a pretty wide pattern of light that uniformly lights up the space for a few feet in front of the lamp. I have only had it about a week, and only used it a couple of times other than when first checking it out. So far, I am enthusiastic. It fits easily in my pocket; it throws a bright light when I need it. It is not cheap by any means. However, the quality and features probably justify the cost for one who wants something for this purpose that will last a long time.

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