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By Scott
Cranberry Twp, PA
Handy little light
December 22, 2022
I received a few of these free with orders. I was so impressed I bought some as stocking stuffers for Christmas. They fit anywhere, and I'm using one to replace a broken zipper pull. 2 of the 20 I bought were a bit dim, even though the batteries seem fine. I'm very happy with my purchase.
By Gary
Nice keychain lights
August 19, 2022
Really nice keychain LED lights. They really come in handy around the house and in the car. Quick shipping and have purchased from this company many times and have always been happy with their products and prices.
By Ed
Kingston, PA
Handy item
December 8, 2021
Use them when walking the dog at night or in the morning, especially handy during short winter days.
By Manny
Guam 🇬🇺
December 1, 2021
Cool little light. I have purchased several of these lights in various colors and they work excellent. Don’t forget to buy extra batteries (LR 44) if you intend to have prolonged use. Highly recommend. For a buck.. you can’t go wrong!
worthington, ohio
What a bargain!
October 22, 2021
This tiny light at an unbelievably low price should travel everywhere with you. It's so inexpensive you will want to get more for friends and family.
By Hillary W.
Excellent key light flashlights
September 25, 2020
I order these flashlights all the time. There are hardly any defected ones. I would like them in a blue but I am very happy with my purchase
By Jules
Roosevelt, Texas
Great for tracking at night - and they've never failed me
April 19, 2020
I bought ten of these and they have proven to be worth much more than their weight in venison sausage. Deer hunters dread shooting just after sunset only to see the game run instead of dropping in its tracks, as tracking at night is difficult and one never, ever wants to lose a deer. In those instances, I simply place one of these (preferably clear) on the ground near each sign of blood. This makes it easier to review the path the deer travelled and then guesstimate "where he might have headed."
By Jay
good product with variable battery strength for each uniit (that's a negative)
December 30, 2019
I like this product a lot and give them to people. However, I've purchased 20 units twice, and the brightness is hit and miss because the batteriy voltage is inconsistent. I've started putting in a pair of new 2016 batteries in each unit to get the best lighting, raisiing the cost to me.
By Al
Outside Phila Pa
Don't leave home without it
December 3, 2019
Bought 10 of these. Kept getting the Battery Junction freebie with each order and got to the point where I always carried one or had one nearby. Came in handy countless times. Loved them til charge on freebies started running out. That was it. Had to get a good supply and since these seemed the same as the freebie it was a no brainer. To everyone else who goes this route, you won't be sorry. Thanks Battery Junction and keep the freebie coming and having a substitute available!
By Andrew C.
Very good and bright
October 2, 2019
Very bright little light
By Sailor
West Michigan Lakeshore
Small and handy
May 10, 2019
Can be used for bitelight for sailing, red and green fo not interfere as much as white fir night vision. For nephew that wants flashlights they are inexpensive and come in his favorite color Blue.
By Keith
Southern Illinois
Never Disappointed!
May 2, 2019
I purchase all of my batteries from Bat Junc, and they are always fresh and have a long expiration date. I've never had any issues with Battery Junction. I will continue purchasing from them, and recommending them to my friends. Keith
By Dee
southern vermont
great inexpensive keychain light
April 25, 2019
Great light , grave a pair to much older friends to keep with them most of the time . they are easier to turn on and off then a better known brand
By bill
In the woods, Ohio
March 16, 2019
BUY A BUNCH, they're CHEAP ! Hang these on everything just in case.
By Stephen
Corpus Christi, TX
Handy Item
March 14, 2019
Click and see the keyhole! 'Nuf said?
By Christopher
Bristol, VA
Great gifts!
October 25, 2018
Prefect little,cheap and handy gift. I always have one on my keychain. They are alot tougher then they look as well. I find it a little hard to change the batteries with my larger size hands but for the price its probably cheaper to just buy another or just buy a bunch at once at a cheaper price.
By Brian L.
Excellent improvement on button design
September 4, 2018
Other key chain lights purchased in the past did not stay on without holding down the button, but these new key chain lights with the improved buttons will stay on continuously until pressed again to shut them off. The red light is excellent to use in the dark as it will keep your night vision sharp after the red light is turned off.
By Jan
Nice little light
July 21, 2018
Nice little light for the price. It reflects off dropped contact lenses for an easy find and is great at night when a night light is too bright.
By Eric
Powerful little lights.
June 26, 2018
The on/off switch is unique. Remove key ring and keep in pocket - it's no bigger than a quarter and you'll always have a light. Standard shipping is not for someone requiring items quickly.
By Bunky
Seattle wa
April 16, 2018
These little keychain lights are terrific for...well, keychains! Just the thing for unexpected jobs in bad lighting. Great for small gifts or gestures.
By ronk1313
Indianapolis, IN
Handy size for keychain
April 2, 2018
Does what it is supposed to do. Battery life is not exceptional but they still last almost forever. I accidentally washed one left in pocket and ran thru dryer. After air drying for a couple hours it started working good as new.
By Tim K.
Central left coast
Led keychain light
December 15, 2017
I have purchased 4 of these led keychain lights that come in various exteriors and led colors. My first light was a free gift for a purchase that I made from Battery Junction approx 3 years ago. Then another purchase a year later, and I received another free one which I put on my wife's keychain. Since we are both very happy with them, I purchased several more for other family members to put on their keychains . The batteries in these things last a long time and the led light is brighter than you would think for such a small item.
ProsVery inexpensive for a small coin size light. Light output in complete darkness will surprise you . For the cost you should be completely satisfied.
By Ed
Plano, Texas
Great Little Light
December 2, 2017
For the cost these small Led Lights are perfect to carry for many reasons.
By Jack
, New Cumberland, Pa
Night light
October 28, 2017
I like to walk late at night. I attach these to my walking stick so on coming cars can see me.
ProsLast a long time
By Phil C.
Keychain led flashlights
October 10, 2017
I really like these little lights, I give them to friends. They are very handy and put out a surprisingly bright light. Unfortunately for the 2nd time now about a third of these lights have a considerably weaker light than the best ones, most likely due to weak batteries. So far 8 of the 25 I bought have about half the brightness of the others. Hopefully if I buy them again, this will not be the case.
ProsGreat lights! Small and handy.
ConsSeveral of the 25 I bought gave low battery power. Thatâ‚" Twice now..
By Jeff
Oklahoma City, OK
Keylight keychain
September 29, 2017
Nice little light for the price. Nothing fancy just a good small light for a key chain. Lights up the area I needed on the sidewalk.
September 8, 2017
By Terry W.
Would order again
August 24, 2017
The price was great and they arrived on time. Only gave it 4 stars because of the 10 that I ordered, one did not work and another was the wrong color. Otherwise all was great.
By Levon
Sweet little key chain light
August 14, 2017
I got my first one free with my Battery Junction order years ago and fell in love with the little light. Since then I have bought many of them usually in lots of 10 or so to give out as gifts. It's gotten so that I always have a stock of them to give as gifts, inexpensive and handy little items they are.
ProsVery bright for the size and weight and battery seems to last a long time. Replaceable battery. The small size and the way the bulb is positioned allows you to look inside small openings for inspection, like bicycle down tubes or stainless steel water bottles.
ConsEvery 10 or 20 lights I get one that the on/off switch won't stay in the ON position, only lights when you press it. This sometimes occurs when you change the battery. Considering the cost of this item it does not deter from the 5 start rating for me.
By Jim R.
Canandiagua, NY
These are terrific flashlights.
March 23, 2017
These are terrific flashlights. I add a stretch cord to one, hang it around my neck when the sun goes down--and I have a light with me at all times. I just returned from Mexico last night, and I used it every evening! I have used similar lights for many years when I travel abroad. These are great: bright, light--just perfect. I'll admit that i even wear one EVERY night, for who knows when the power will go out and I'll need an emergency light. r who knows when the power will go out and I'll need an emergency light. Please don't purchase them all, for I'll need a resupply in a year or so.
ProsLight Bright accessible come in different colors (black is difficult to see in limited light)
By David
New York
easy to use
February 28, 2017
I was working on a project where I needed a light that has a press on -off switch. It was exactly what I needed.
By John
San Francisco
Inexpensive and fabulous
February 27, 2017
One of the most practical "flashlights" ever. I've also brought a bunch of them for my friends. Keychain lights like these are incredibly practical.
By JDoug
Boston, Mass.
Good keychain lights, good price!
February 13, 2017
My Titanium Innovations Keylight LED lights (red) are just what I wanted, they work fine, and I'm saving most of them for Christmas presents. They arrived earlier than expected, too, which I like!
ProsBright without messing up my dark-adaptation at night.
By E
Cambridge, OH
Snatch some up in every color
January 12, 2017
Until I bought a couple of these, I did not realize the free keylight you get from Battery Junction was a Titanium Innovations light. I have used the freebees from BJ for years and like the simplicity of a simple on/off. my oldest one is 5 years old and on my car key ring. I use the light almost daily, sometimes for an hour or so. Just replaced the batts after all that time. I will be buying more of these for all my different hobbies and for gifts and stocking stuffers.
ProsInexpensive Quality little micro light
By Ken
December 22, 2016
Nice little light, very bright, great for your keyring.
By ronald p.
British Columbia, Canada.
Great item, great Black Friday Price.
December 19, 2016
Am a retiring school bus driver and I handed out one of these Keychain LED Lights to each of the students from K -12. The students were tickled pink as each student can use them for a variety of reasons. Putting them on a set of car keys to a teddy bear for a young child to use in a power outage. Each one worked upon delivery and the batteries are easily replaceable. These are not permanently sealed keychain lights. Great price and in an assortment of different colors.
By Nancy S.
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
Always a very popular item!
November 3, 2016
These powerful little lights go over extremely well with children and adults . . . very popular here where we have 15 - 16 hours of dark in the winter . . .
ProsBright. Long lasting. Small size makes them easy to keep handy at all times.
ConsSometimes some of them are a bit dim but easy to change batteries, (which I found for about 30¢ each)
By Thompson
November 2, 2016
ProsSmallest pocket light I could find, so doesn't feel bulky in your pocket. Stays on til you turn it off. Love that!
ConsCould never tell which side turns it on/off. Finally put a dab of my wife's nail polish on the side that DOESN'T.
By Ian
Love these key lights
October 25, 2016
I have these on every set of my keys! I give them out to my family members as well. Bright enough to find key holes in complete darkness and for simple tasks at night.
ProsSmall, durable, bright!
By Donna
Narragansett, ri
Great little lights
September 19, 2016
Bought these to give people for safety purposes. Everyone likes them. Would love to buy larger quantities, but not by the thousands. Will be reordering soon . Particularly good for older people who need to get up at night.
ProsAll good
Cons??? Are the batteries replaceable?
By Leon
Broken Bow, Ne
Great product at a reasonable price.
September 9, 2016
These have worked very well for me. They are at a much more reasonable price than most. Would buy them again.
By Paul
Very Satisfied
June 19, 2016
The product met my expectations. And at an enormous reduction in cost (including shipping) from the brick-and-motar price of a few years ago. Recommended. Paul
By Don
Keychain Light
June 17, 2016
What an awesome deal. I got 2 bright keychain lights for less than $6 counting shipping. Just two batteries (light takes 2) costs $7.50 at the local Walmart. Don
ProsBright and easy to use.
By Russ
King George, VA
Led Keylight Keychain
June 5, 2016
Outstanding product!
ProsLong life and works as expected.
By Winter c.
Flyover country
Black color is the best!
May 30, 2016
.... At least it's not as showy or odd as some of the others. These lights last a long time if you don't keep them ON for long periods of time. I've got blue, red, and white LED's in black, blue, and purple casings. The white lights seem to cast the longes and broadest light beam and illuminate your view the best. Red LED is good if you want to remain less conspicuous in your viewing and the blue LED seems to cast more of a focused beam but that could be my imagination.
ProsClean, smart appearance on your keychain Bright light
By John
Kenton, OH
Awesome product and price Quick shipping too!
May 29, 2016
Awesome product and price Quick shipping too!
ProsCheap as buying the batteries in them
By David
Tucson, AZ
Great Stocking Stuffers!
March 25, 2016
Last Christmas, I was on Battery Junction ordering batteries for my security system when I stumbled on these LED Key-Chain lights. I ordered a bunch in Red & Green and gave them to my siblings as stocking Stuffers. Everyone loved them!
ProsGreat for Gifts or Promotional Items!
By les
February 20, 2016
work well when searching for something in a dark area
By Kim
Scottsdale, Az.
Red light key chain
February 14, 2016
The lights came quickly and in perfect condition. The light beams are red, as ordered. Very good price. They are very bright and of good quality.
By Gene S.
Pittsburgh PA
Great little light for the price
January 22, 2016
I order these as spares for ushers in a theater. They are perfect for that purpose - small, bright light, but no too bright for restricted use. Battery seems to last forever.
Prossmall size, light intensity, price,
Consno cons

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