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By Jp
Tucson, Az.
Stock up Preppers
August 18, 2014
For the quality and price, these should be in your emergency stockpile.
By Mark R.
titanium innovationions cr123a batterys
August 14, 2014
Great CS. Will get more
By Bob
Toney, AL
Best Battery for the Money
August 7, 2014
I've been using these batteries for 5 years. I have several EDC lights powered by these and I use them ALOT! A set of these batteries last 4 - 6 Months. I have always had very consistent service from these batteries!
ProsAbsolutely the best battery for the money.
By Brian
Great price
August 6, 2014
For a $1, you can not go wrong. I bought these for my flashlight and they work great.
By James
Willow Spring, NC
Great batteries for the money
July 7, 2014
Have ordered these several times and they last just as long as the Surefire batteries but way cheaper.
By Jeff
Philadelphia, PA
Best value with solid performance
July 3, 2014
I use these in my Scorpion. I do a lot of bed bug inspections and go through quite a few batteries. These seem to last as long sure fire for a lot less money. No problems at all.
ProsPrice vs reliability and run time.
ConsMade in China, though so far, quality is consistent.
By Neil
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
Hands down the best battery for flashlights
June 24, 2014
For this price, these are simply the best batteries for LED flashlights. I have tested these versus leading brands, the difference amounts to a matter of a few minutes in run time. Considering that these are 1/2 to 2/3 the price of major brand name CR123s, these are clearly the best deal.
ProsLow Price Decent quality
ConsSlightly lower capacity than others
By Jason
June 23, 2014
If you need a CR123 this is the way to go. These batteries will match or outlast any of the brand name batteries! The price is just oustanding at 1 buck or less depending on how many you buy. I dont know why anyone would spend 3 to 5 dollars on brand names when these are better. I give them a 5 out of 5 for power and how long they last!
ProsThe price Outstanding run time they will match brand name batteries or outlast them
ConsI have not found anything wrong with these. I buy them 20 at a time and the price drops a little.
By Glenn
Queen Creek, AZ
Great bettery
June 19, 2014
I have been using this battery for several years now in my caving headlamps and flashlights and love them. They have a great run time and still run just a s long after being stored for a while. I have never found one leaking in the several dozen I have gone through. Great price for a great battery.
By James R.
A very good battery
June 4, 2014
I have had very good service with this battery and the shipping is fast.
ProsGreat economical battery.
By Wayne
Price alone makes this purchase a "no brainer"!
May 9, 2014
I am just now placing my first order for 50 batteries, but sight unseen the price alone makes it worth it! Someone said that surefire were better, well let me tell you something. I bought 8 of the 185...batteries that are 2x as long as the 123a's, and a little wider. Two of those batteries were bad when I first got them in the mail, and two more went bad within a month! If my experience with these batteries match these reviews, I will be buying ALL of my batteries from Battery Junction from this day forward!! Sorry but Surefire sucks!!
By Sean
Honolulu, Hawaii
Only CR123 Battery that I use
March 31, 2014
I've been using these batteries in my lights for a few years now and buy them in bulk, 100-200 at a time. Not one has let me down yet. I love not having to conserve battery life due to the price.
By Scott
Super Battery!
June 5, 2013
I use these in my S10 Baton and they usually last a t least a month. Great deal!
By Joe
April 27, 2013
Great battery for its price. Gives my lights long runtimes with a value price.
By Kyle
January 29, 2013
These are superior to Surefire batteries.. If your like me you want the best and from my personal tests, theses are the best and one of the cheapest!! it\'s a win win!
By Wayne
I only use these now
January 23, 2013
Used to only use surefire\'s, but these are much better considering the cost factor. Good shelf life too. A must for any prepper or any person with a lot of flashlights using these batteries.
By Matt
Hard to Kill
November 16, 2012
Every review I read before buying these was right. They do truly seem to outlast the $6 a piece duracells. The fact they are 1/6 of the price is reason alone to at least try them, and youll then regret not finding this brand/website sooner like I did. I havent tested the runtime in my flashlight scientifically, but theres an obvious difference between how fast top brand batteries go from bright to dim and skip the slow degrade. These stay bright for a long time and keep lasting. Almost makes you wish they died sooner so you could put new ones in!
By Van
Outstanding Batteries
September 14, 2012
I bought a pair of 123a batteries a few minutes ago because I just got another flashlight and thought i had the batteries but did not. I went to my local Walgreen which is the only local place that had them. The batteries were $16.95 EACH. I am not kidding. Almost $17.00 for ONE battery. Battery Junction.com will have all of my battery orders from now on.
By Todd
Felt the Need to Rate
August 25, 2012
I have used a pack of 50 finally!! I have several flashlights ranging from 115 to 400 lumen. I always have a flashlight on me at all times. These batteries are great and have a solid life with dependable operation. Never looked back and will continue to buy 50 at a time. CANT believe they are still the same price as when I got them almost 1.5 years ago. I like the shrink wrapped 2 pack availability! Try them and you will be sold too!!
By Scotty
Great life, great price
April 15, 2012
Yeah sure the big brands are a1550 mah, but twice as much. At 1400 mah for $1.00! Yikes you got to have a couple dozen on hand at all times!
Best deal out there!
August 16, 2011
These batteries are fantastic! They last just as long as the SF ones do in my SF G2LED. That is plenty good for me, considering $5 a piece is the cheapest I can buy CR123\'s locally. Thank you Batteryjunction!
Long Life!
July 28, 2011
I track my battery changes. Sure Fire batteries were lasting 4-6 weeks, but these are lasting 12 weeks!!!! And I only paid $1 each. These are my go-to batteries now.
By Chris_Himself
Wonderful batteries, still not quite perfect
July 1, 2011
These batteries are wonderful for the price and if you get a good one/pair/trio then you\'re good to go! They\'ll last as long as my Surefire batteries which can cost 2 to 3 times as much! The problem is they\'re not QUITE perfect, I ordered a pair of batteries, and I got a bad one. Battery Junction still replaced the entire pair for me however and so far they\'re doing great. These will completely SLAY the energizer CR123\'s you might buy out of complete desperation at your local drug store or battery dealer. I\'d rather carry a backup pair than commit to buying pairs of cells that cost 2.50 for the next few years every couple weeks! If your life depends on it and you don\'t have time to waste, I\'ve never had a bad SF cell, but if you want 98 percent reliability with amazing performance when it does work right, Ti Innovations are awesome! Time to order 100 of these!
By Tom
Good Stuff
March 27, 2011
economical and dependable , stores well and convienient to carry. I highley reccomend these batteries.
By Joe H.
Great batteries!
May 5, 2010
These are great for the price...all I buy now.
By Brian
Best CR123A\'s On The Market
December 15, 2009
Best bang for the buck! I love these!
By Dannyk45
Great battery
October 22, 2009
Great battery at an awesome price. Energizers at CVS for $6 each. These are great.
September 12, 2009
I will be buying my batteries at Battery Junction, because, they are selling them $.36 cheaper than the company that first told me about them. I have bought 72 of them since 01/09, so by buying them here I would save $25.92. I used to buy Surefire, but no one could match price on them, so I tried these, and they are GREAT! Last as long as Surefire, and put out the same amount of power, so what more could a person ask for? An EXCELLENT battery for the money!!!!
By Joe
Nearly same quality as Surefire, but almost 50% cheaper
April 27, 2009
Difference- Surefire about 45% more expensive than Titanium Innovations with only about 10% more capacity. It\'s not worth it to get Surefire when you do the math. If you are a police officer or firefighter etc. Then I would recommend Surefire batteries just because they are made for those guys. Surefire still makes a more reliable battery, but for an average guy like me the Titanium Innovations will do the job. Works great in my Surefire Flashlights!
By Joseph F.
February 6, 2009
Call me crazy but why pay $5.00 for energizers? I purchased both and these Titaniums out lasted them by over an hour! For a buck!...... I\'ll buy that for a dollar!

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