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By Jon K.
Mountain City, TN
Great Little Battery!
September 4, 2022
Seems to last forever and very quick to recharge. Love this battery.
By michael
June 25, 2022
I use these in my flashlights and it makes quite a difference in their brightness.
By Danelle
Marksville, LA
Shine on!
May 26, 2022
My exterior solar landscape lights were casting a very dim glow along my walkways and flower beds. I went to Battery Junction.com and found the exact replacement battery needed to restore their bright glow. The website was easy to maneuver and checkout was a breeze. The shipping was free with my order. My package arrived within a week. Thanks for the great service.
By Loc H.
Okay but can't spot welder them
February 4, 2021
The battery is okay... But they can't be spot welded. The negative side is made of a thin layer of conductor. When I spot welder it, it just burns through. The positive is fine.
By John
South Carolina
Customer service makes a difference
February 3, 2021
These are really cool Li-ion batteries that come in the standard AA size. I was able to use these in my J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright flashlight and they work great. I ordered two, but unfortunately one was DOA. After a brief email exchange with customer service, I was shipped a replacement at no additional charge.
By Jimmy
Greensboro, Pennsylvania
excellent battery
April 15, 2020
works great, also excellent value,, nuff said.
By Michael
Corona, CA
Great Battery
April 4, 2020
Used in a custom circuit with a charge management system 0 unit failed so far out of 100 units under heavy use. Great, reliable battery.
Xtar 14500 800mAh 3.7V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery
March 30, 2020
Great battery, long run time in my flashlights.
By Alex
Excellent Choice
March 24, 2020
Good choice in batteries, this brand is solid and reliable !!!
By Emmett
Johnstown, PA
Good, but disappointed with runtime
November 21, 2019
I bought one of these to try in a headlamp I use for winter hiking. It handles the cold but the runtime is much shorter than with lithium primaries. I guess the mAh limitation on the lithium rechargeables isn't surmountable yet. I need to get a bunch more to swap in.
By Tom55st
Kent, WA
My flashlight loving it
April 14, 2019
This works great in my flashlight. I been using AA batteries and this sure make a big different.
By Phillip M.
Garden Grove,California
You just can't go wrong!
September 6, 2018
The best battery for the Jet Beam WL-S1, totally happy with this purchase.
By Raymond
Palm Coast, FL
Great Battery
December 23, 2017
Use it in Olight S1 Baton. Works great. Nothing but the best for that Olight.
ProsLong lasting, powerful
By Joe
Oakville, CT
A great battery
September 2, 2017
Seems to have all of the qualities that a battery should posses. No complaints and a great price.
ProsGood battery and a great price
By Gary B.
Perform as promised at a reasonable price
August 26, 2017
There were other batteries at high prices, but I don't know how they could work any better than these.
ProsPerformance, cost
ConsI haven't found any so far
By Tommy C.
Hattiesburg, MS
14500 battery
June 23, 2017
Product is good, Price is comparable to Amazon, but slow to ship and they use DSL to USPS mail which adds several days to shipping, so you are looking at a week or more to receive product.
By Dan
The Dalles, OR
Xtar 14500 Batteries
June 12, 2017
Bought a couple of these to try out, as they were pretty cheap, compared to the comparable Nitecores. So far, they seem to be working just as well!
ConsNone known at this time
By Amy
Wonderful Rechargeable batteries
June 8, 2017
Got them for an Ultrasaber, holds charge well with charger, lasts long and good quality.
By John
Atlanta, GA.
Great Value for the Price
June 2, 2017
Great value for the price. It made my flashlights brighter than AAA and will last longer.
Alpharetta, GA
Very good but not expensive.
February 19, 2017
A very good work battery. But, Low cost. I used it with my nitecore mh1a and olight s15r. They are work very well.
ProsIt be worth of money.
By Tom
Roselle, IL
Great Value, Great Cell
January 3, 2017
I approached using 14500 cells with a degree of concern. A third the capacity of a good NiMH AA, even less the capacity of a Lithium Iron AA... but of course the cell voltage is over twice that of these AA's, so, from a VA standpoint, the energy is actually more comparable (but still less). Of course the big advantage is that higher voltage potential that provides more drive voltage headroom to the electronics, allowing the dramatic increase in output of lights whose electronics can handle that higher voltage. So I have bought a few lights that can use the 14500 in addition to the ubiquitous AA cells, and have enjoyed that increased power (and benefit of being rechargeable). Now my concern is that I might accidentally mix the cells and use a 14500 where it should not go - so caution on how you store these! Most 14500's with button tops are all about the same capacity. The name branded cells are more expensive, but chalk that up to being certain the name brand cells will work/fit in that maker's flashlights without issue. The Xtar cells I've bought work and fit in Jetbeam and Olight lights I've bought, but I bought an Efest that did not work in a Jetbeam Jet I Mk, but did in a Jetbeam H10A... go figure. So my experience with the Xtar has been good so far, but I can only report that Turbo Modes are active, not the output level achieved. Brightness at Turbo "seems the same" as with name branded 14500 cells, but this is clearly subjective and a poor test process when swapping cells in a light and gauging by eye. And only time will tell about the Xtar's ongoing service and cycle life as I recharge and use them over the next few years. My opinion is that only a handful of manufacturer's have the knowledge, equipment, processes, controls, and staff to make these and other Lithium based batteries, and that being true, the Xtar is likely every bit as good in capacity, service, and cycle life as the branded cells. If you're worried about this, then you can adopt a more conservative approach. You can, of course, use Lithium Iron primaries for those lights you intend to set aside in storage for "just when I need them"... you can also decide to use name branded cells for lights you intend for occasional and brief use... and you can try the Xtar brand in lights that have heavy use to gain experience and confidence with their ongoing service capacity/life and cycle life. That's what I'm doing.
ProsHave had no problem with fitting/working in several brands of 14500 capable lights. The Xtar 14500 does produce Turbo mode output in my 14500 capable lights (can't measure that output produced) Same capacity as manufacturer name branded cells; likely the same ongoing service and cycle life Good value compared to manufacturer name branded cells
ConsCaution when storing and taking these and any 14500 cells to not accidentally mix with standard AA cells, or damage to gear will result due to their higher cell voltage. Without proper testing for output current flow and a light's output, it is difficult to know if these cells provide output truly comparable to a named brand cell.
By Josh
Dillwyn, Virginia
New batteries
December 22, 2016
I purchased these items they were on back order but I still received in good time. Thanks so much
Roselle, IL
Economical Power for Capable AA Lights
December 16, 2016
For roughly the cost of 3 Lithium Iron primary cells or 9 Alkaline cells you can have this rechargeable cell which, for capable lights, can often deliver more than twice the High level of illumination due to its higher cell voltage. Of course, the capacity is roughly a third of those cells, making the break-even for general use (use at Low or Medium illumination levels) more like 9 Lithium Iron or 27 Alkaline... but given a cycle life that approaches the cited 500, savings is assured. Of course the lower capacity of this Lithium-Ion cell, 800mAH vs 3000mAH for Lithium Iron AA or 2500mAH for NiMH means less service-life, or run-time, at any illumination level. So, then, these Lithium-Ion cells are great for those who use their lights either rarely at low drain or very frequently at high drain. In the first case, about 1500 30 second uses on a typical low level of illumination will see many people through a year of EDC, and, in the second case, perhaps a dozen 2 minute uses on a typical high level of illumination will see these users get through a day with this cell to recharge overnight. Unfortunately not all AA Lights are capable of running the 14500 cell, and use of the cell can damage such devices; the cell size is so similar to the standard AA, that care must be taken to use the right cell with the right Light. Also, not all Lithium-Ion chargers are capable of charging this cell, so check your charger specifications. As technology improves, we may see higher capacity secondary cells in this size, but for now the Xtar's 800mAH is near the highest touted. As to durability (cycle life and retained capacity), that will need time in-service to prove.
ProsDirect size replacement for a standard AA cell Good, economical choice for either users who rarely use their lights at low drain, low illumination level for EDC, recharging rarely, or those who use their lights often at high drain, high illumination level, recharging daily. For capable Lights, provides a Turbo illumination level more than twice the High using an Alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium Iron AA cell. Able to be recharged by most recent Lithium-Ion Chargers
ConsDirect size replacement for a standard AA cell - in this case can be confused/mixed in use in a device that only takes a standard AA cell voltage level, damaging the device - caution and control is needed. Not recommended for devices stored for Time-of-Need use (use a Lithium Iron Primary cell) or devices that are in heavy use at high drain, high illumination levels (use an NiMH rechargeable cell).
By Eddie
Haines city,florida
Love em
October 17, 2016
Great batteries for a great price
By Ed
xtar 14500
October 8, 2016
Holds a charge really well. After repeated charges still holds a charge well. I use my light daily and these 14500 have saved me a lot of money on regular alkalines.
Prosholds a charge, good value fro the price
By J C.
Fredericksburg, VA
Affordable quality 14500
August 24, 2016
These are great cells for the price. I prefer Olights, but these are a close second. The Xtar increased the ouput and longevity of my Olight S15 Baton. Them seem to last forever and hold there charge a long time. Great investment!!
ProsAffordable, quality, true mAh output.
By DesertFlyer7
Supercharged Lipos!
August 6, 2016
These XTAR 14500s are amazing lipos for small hi power tac lights. When I used them in a JetBeam 1-Mk, the max Lumen output really jumped up! Did the same with a Coast HP-1. And now that little AA light projects a beam brighter than my Cree123A dual powered StreamLight ProTac-2L! Highly recommended. Got the tip right here from other users on Battery Junction. The service is also top notch!
ProsRechargeable lipo replaces AA batteries for high powered chip regulated devices.
ConsNo cons.
By John A.
Kenton, OH
Awesome product and price Quick shipping too!
July 19, 2016
Great long lasting battery!
ProsLong lasting quick charging
By Dale
Pocket size
June 5, 2016
These AA size batterries are great for my pocket Tach Light, They last longer than the originals that came with the light
ProsLong lasting,quick to recharge
By Louis H.
Clovis, CA
Xtar Lithium Ion Battery
March 11, 2016
Excellent battery and makes my flashlight much brighter. Would recommend to friends.
December 11, 2015
By Peter
Accurate rating, fits everything
June 30, 2015
I'm happy with the capacity, I think the rating is accurate. Fits all my lights too. The low voltage protection is rather conservative at 3.2 volts which is great (means nice long life for the cells). I like these cells -ive had my first set for about a year, in daily use in my EDC, and still going strong. This is the 2nd batch I've bought from Battery junction.
ProsGood capacity for the size Fits all my lights Xtar is good quality
ConsNone so far.
By Mike
San Francisco Bay Area
XTAR 14500 too early to say much but
March 6, 2015
Because of shrink wrap interference the negative terminal can't make contact with battery holder terminal. Emailed XTAR to see if I could remove excess shrink wrap. No Reply. Wound up using a small copper washer as a "shim" to make contact. Other than that the battery seems to work OK.
ProsAA size is correct but for the negative listed elsewhere. Works for my purpose after figuring out a fix for the negative terminal. If the shrink wrap didn't interfere I'd give it a 5 star rating based upon short term I've had it.
ConsThe battery's shrink wrap not only surrounds battery but also insulates the edges of the negative end preventing contact with some designs of battery holders. XTAR did not respond to emails concerning possible removal of wrap.
By Yaaqob
London, Ontario
boost your AA flashlights power.
September 17, 2014
This battery gave my quark pro QPA new life. 4.2 volts vs. 1.5. Its almost twice the brightness now. Make sure you check the voltage on your light is 4.2v before using!
By Na Y.
Boulder, CO
So far no issue.
September 11, 2014
I received the batteries and charged them up and so far no issue. I wish I should found out these batteries prior to spending a lot of money on non-rechargeable ion batteries at BatteriesPlus for my wireless thermocouples.

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