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Xtar VC4 4-Channel LCD Intelligent Charger
July 16, 2021
It works well. I tried charging 4 of the D and 4 of the AA and the results were fine.
By Victor
Great fast charger
June 23, 2021
Headlines says it all -- worth it!
By Daniel
Battery Junction Service is Phenomenal
May 7, 2021
I needed a specific battery charger and batteries for my brand new Thrunite TN 36 Limited and I was referred to Battery Junction by the Thrunite company. I spoke with a very patient and friendly customer service agent at Battery Junction and I was able to find the perfect charger and batteries at the best price online. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend shopping here in the near future. Thank you Battery Junction for the help and delivery of my purchase. Very professional company and a great shopping experience.
By Jax
Star VC4-4 Charger
October 6, 2020
This is a really nice charger. Easy to use and “Smart”. No more over charging batteries. It’s light weight and compact with LCD display. It’s compatible with all the house hold batteries we use daily. Great value. It’s worth every penny.
By Stan
great Charger
July 28, 2020
This is by far the best battery charger available. When the batteries are fully charged it stops charging. Great product, decent price.
The Great PNW
I don't need no more "Copper Tops"...
July 6, 2020
I purchased this item because they said it could charge just about anything. It was replacing one that only did the A-sizes, and then it would actually pick which ones is would charge and how many at a time. Put in four, it would do two and only two--not one, but two. Some times I had to move them from side to side to get to even turn on. Pain in the AAA, AA"s. As soon as I got this new one, I plugged it in and loaded it up. Lights came on and started flashing, the numbers started going up. I didn't know what anything of that meant except it was WORKING and doing FOUR AT A TIME! I did all of the AA and AAA"s I had, and then started on an OLD jar of rechargeable D's. The + end would not stay down, so I ran a piece of blue painter's tape across them and that worked. Three of the four made it through the cycle, but that last one would not turn GREEN. I pulled it and my hand held tester said it was almost fully charged. I dropped them all in my 25-year old 4-D cell MagLite and turned it one and shined it up the dark stairwell--WIMPPPPY! I then tried new four new D-cell copper tops and that seemed wimpy too. Next I tried the MagLite LED SOLITAIRE I had in my pocket. Now that was Bright!. ALL of the OLD C and D cell batteries went into the trash and the D-cell MagLite went into the Goodwill box behind the couch. It was time for a new LED "Flasher Blaster". I love my 1,000 Lumen LED "Flasher Blaster". I have run a black bear out of our camp while we were cooking dinner in the dark using the STROBE mode. That impressed everybody. Recently, I was putting the garbage out late. A car camp down the boulevard and turn on our street going the other direction. When it was about 50-feet from the STOP sign at the intersection, I hit the strobe button and aimed it at the sign. It started flashing so BRIGHT that the car slammed on its brakes 59-feet short of the sign. Whoops. I better disappear. I love this charger. I did read the directions after I had tried to charge everything in the house. This thing is going to put the "copper top" battery company out business.
By James
La Grange Park, IL
Great charger! The display is excellent.
May 11, 2020
Fits all the cells as described, has versatile power options, and a bright display that's visible at many angles. AA and AAA fit without fighting like on my Nitecore i4. If considering this one, I would look at the upgrade VC4S to get a display that shows all information for each bay, this one you need to press a button to switch if you have more than two cells charging. Not a deal breaker but annoying enough to mention. No grading feature. Does NOT have correct charging voltage for LiFePO4 cells.
By James B.
Xtar VC4-4 channel lcd intelligent charger.
May 8, 2020
Quick shipping, great pricing and qauality product make for a very happy customer. Thanks !!
By Alex
Oklahoma City, OK
Charge many type of batteries
April 22, 2020
This charger is able to charge batteries my old charger refuse to charge. This is not a super fast charger. It takes some time to charge batteries. It tells you how many mAh it add to your battery.
By Alex
Accurate Readings
March 4, 2020
Great charger overall, accurate readings on battery mAh measurements. Been using this charger for over 2 years now. Only caution to remember is avoid moving the power cord attached to the unit, sometimes the power disconnects which resets all the readings.
By Michael
Wewoka, OK
Xtar VC4
January 5, 2020
I bought one and then bought a K75 and it came with one, only thing I wish it could do is discharge batteries.
By Emmett
Johnstown, PA
This thing is fabulous, end story
November 21, 2019
Having one charger that takes every battery I have (and some I don't yet) has cleaned up my charging station. It's foolproof. I love it.
By Steve
Jacksonville, FL
An answer to a dream.
November 6, 2019
This device performs so many functions I haven't even discovered them all. It charges every battery I have (and many I'll never have), protects the batteries from overcharging, balances them all at once, and it's easy to see what it's doing all the time. It may not actually be magic, but you won't convince me!
By Russ
Western New York
Love it!
June 25, 2019
I really appreciate the range of batteries this charger can handle, and love that I can track the progress of the charging cycles through more than simple blinking LED's. Not that there's anything wrong with those, I just appreciate this function more. And I like that this charger plugs into a USB. With a dual port plug-in, I can charge my phone and my batteries at the same time!
By Jonathan
Northeast USA
Awesome Charger
April 24, 2019
Works better than expected!
By Tom55st
Kent, WA
What a great charger
April 14, 2019
Great price, everything I needed in a charger. Works great!
By Joel
Works great, the display tells you exactly what you need to know
April 7, 2019
I like that I can charge several different types of batteries with this charger and it will quit charging when the battery is finished. It's a bit slow but sometimes a slow charge is a better charge. It would be better if it came with something like a 115ACV charger than just a USB charger, but the USB is handy for the car so it's all good.
By Maintenance C.
It Works
March 20, 2019
I am buying a second one for the sales team!
By Randy
Ashland, Oregon
Best fastest charger
October 11, 2018
I've been using the VC4 for more than a year. I have several other highly rated chargers but the Xtar is hands down the best one. I power it with an Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub which is part of the system. The Data Hub charges my 20,000 uAh battery twice as fast as any other USB charging hub. Therefore it provides amble support to the Xtar. What I like about the Xtar is batteries it charges last longer. As smart chargers go it is the smartest, fastest and most versatile charger I've used. You can't go wrong with the VC4. I highly recommend the Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub to power the Xtar. The combo is unbeatable. All my other chargers are collecting dust.
By Myron
Columbia, Missouri
Smart Battery Charger
October 2, 2018
I have several chargers that don't tell what's going on. This charger has 4 separate status monitors that shows what each battery is doing while being charged. It shuts off each battery when it is full, rather than shutting off the whole string at once. This way you know the health of each battery. The charger is run off USB power, so you need top have a port available. I don't find this to be a problem. This item was part of a larger purchase, which was received quickly. I have been very satisfied with my purchases from Battery Junction; good prices and fast service.
By Frederick R.
Great Product
June 28, 2018
Works well and lets you know just whats being done.
By John
Green Bay WI
Xtar VC4-4-Channel LCD Intelligent Charger
April 12, 2018
Works Great. Came very fast, well made..
By Eric
Rock Island , IL
Xtar VC4 4 chanel charger
February 4, 2018
Nice charger. Does it all.
By Stephen
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Some features undependable
December 18, 2017
Worked well to charge ni-cads and the first time for Li-ions. The instructions cited the ability to judge the capacity of the battery by charging from a complete discharge. That worked once. The next time the screen went to "full" and lost the charge mAh reading. The next charge, it went to 4.8 volts on the Li-ion cells and overheated them. The batteries will be damaged if the unit is not monitored to shut it off manually when the automatic limit is surpassed. These results seem at odds with previous reviews. Maybe this is just a bad unit.
ProsNice read-outs to monitor what's happening.
ConsThe unit is automatic, so no control is possible when the automation fails.
By Stu
Northern New Hampshire
Good Charger
September 7, 2017
This is a good charger with the ability to charge various batteries. It is not fast however. Why they don't include a plug in for household wall plugs I don't know. A USB is not always available.
ProsGood quality with the ability to charge various batteries
ConsSlow, No wall plug
By David B.
Good charger but not for 26650
July 31, 2017
I have some Olight 26650 batteries and purchased this charger specifically to handle those cells. Somehow the terminals do not contact the battery well enough to make it charge. However, it has no problem with 18650 batteries.
By Curt
Virginia Beach, VA
Xtar VC4 LCD Battery Charger
March 9, 2017
Battery charger worked as stated. It comes with a USB cable to plug into a computer but does not come with a 120V transformer so unless you have one (think cell phone, etc.) you will need to purchase a transformer or use your computer USP port.
ProsShows levels of charge, time, etc.
ConsNo 120V transformer to power the unit. For this price it should include one.
By Tom
Easy to use.
March 6, 2017
Easy to use. Works well
ProsEasy to use. Works well.
ConsNo power adapter
By Ronald
Regina, SK
Good USB Charger
January 26, 2017
USB charger, awesome charger, excellent information about your batteries
Prosgood price, excellent information, functional, practical
Constoo bad it didn't come as a 6 or 8 charger
By Owen S.
January 10, 2017
The bells and whistles of this charger are matched by the speed of the battery charging. I commute on my bike and need to rely on my lights for safety.
By Ole
Danville, CA
Awsome charger
January 8, 2017
I was so impressed with this charger that I ordered the Xtar Dragon VPQuality4 Plus 4 Professional Charger. Anyone that buys quality rechargeable batteries and doesn't get q high quality charger is wasting their money. I am totally confident with this charger.
ProsExcellent Quality Wide variety of cells that can be recharged.
By Bob
xtar vc4 charger
January 3, 2017
this charger is great-I love the digital meters shown so I can monitor the batteries as they charge--again, great job guys !!
By Shane
Adel, GA
Sweet charger
December 15, 2016
Now I can charge up to four different size batteries at once. Cool display screen that shows charging progress
ProsCharge four batteries at once. Good quality
By Michael B.
Sasebo, Japan
NOT a fast charger
November 29, 2016
Functional and convenient, if you're not in a hurry.
ProsLooks good. AWESOME display info. Charges 4 at once.
ConsVery slow to charge. Slots 1 & 4 are supposed to do more than an amp, but the display always tells me it's less.
By Michael
Hampton, VA
Xtar VC4
October 26, 2016
Love this charger, does all of what I need and more.
ProsLike the packaging and bag it comes with, easy to store and carry.
By Nathan
Fenton, MI
Awesome charger that really does do it all
October 25, 2016
The ability for this charger to take care of so many different needs is awesome! I like the fact that it can charge two batteries faster if need be or use a slower charge to make sure batteries do not overheat. It provides lots of information during the charge also which is great. It was able to revive some old AAA's I had laying around that I had given up on.
By Ted
Nottingham, MD
Excellent buy!
October 24, 2016
Could not be happier with this purchase. So far I've used it to charge 18650, 18500 and 25560 lithium ion batteries, as well as AA and AAA Ni-MH. A well though out design, with which you can charge various types and sizes at the same time.
ConsMy only complaint is there is no AC adapter supplied. One is available at nominal cost, but apparently Battery Junction isn't carrying it (yet).
By Paul
Cecil, Pennsylvania
Good charger
September 13, 2016
Good charger - although I have only on this unit for a brief period of time so far it has met or exceeded my expectations I plan to buy another as soon as possible. It is a good design and provides a lot of feedback information during the charge cycle.
By ruben
houston texas
July 25, 2016
charges quick!
By Jeffrey W.
Best Charger I've ever used!
July 24, 2016
This thing does it all, charges all sizes and two types of batteries, and will even resurrect batteries you thought were beyond saving. Great information available when charging, love it, worth every penny.
ProsCharges all sizes of batteries from 16340 up to rechargeable D's excellent and informative display
Conscharging cable is semi proprietary, though they can be had if you look.
By Paul
Shelby Twp, MI
What an Awesome Charger!
June 28, 2016
I have used this charger to charge many different battery sizes and types. Works really well. Has even revived some Ni Cd batteries that did not charge using other chargers. Very well made, so looks like it will last a long time.
ProsCharges many different types & sizes of batteries
By Alan L.
A great multi size charger.
June 24, 2016
This charger works great, it brought some totally dead batteries back that another charge would not charge. Guages are informative and easy to read.
By Dardus
Kingston, ON
High tech charger
June 11, 2016
You not only get a reading of the battery(ies) you're charging like every other charger. This is normally where most chargers would finish. NOT WITH THE XTAR VC4. That's just the beginning.... You can fully discharge your battery, have a reading of the current voltage of the battery. If that wasn't enough you get a reading of the current mAg output. This is all coupled with overcharge protection and reverse polarity protection. If all that wasn't enough, you can use this charger charging lithium ion and Ni-Mh batteries in everey size from AAAA to D and the full lithium ion battery variety . Boy oh boy, that's a lot of charger for budget priced item. I'd recommend this charger to all.
ProsTo many to list. (read above)
By Joe
Kendall Park NJ
Digital Readout Charger
June 5, 2016
What can I say about this Charger is, that its smartly designed and well made... And i can charge any type of battery I want......
By Sam
Xtar VC4 4-Channel LCD Intelligent Charger
May 17, 2016
Purchased this charger at the time I ordered batteries for solar lights. Charges quickly and can be used for various types of rechargeable batteries. Very pleased.
ProsCharges many types of rechargeable batteries.
ConsDidn't come with a wall plug in power cord. Needed to buy that somewhere else.
By matt
Nashville, TN
comprehensive data display
March 21, 2016
I also acquired a 16 bay Titanium AA battery charger. This VC4 charger seems like a great companion as it provides nerd-ishly copious amounts of data regarding the battery charging that is underway. True, there is a bling factor to the display, but I sort of like it. Honestly, the best part about this charger, besides the ability to learn something specific info about the life span and quality of the batteries you are using, is this charger travels well. It is powered via a USB to barrel DC connector, providing the user the opportunity to plug this thing in just about anywhere these days with the proliferation of cell phone to USB power ports popping up everywhere. I can plug it into my car, my wall sockets (via a cell phone USB power port), a power strip with USB ports that I have, a chair at the airport waiting lounge with USB ports,... you get the idea. And its size, while not actually compact by any means, is usefully small enough to easily travel with.
Prosgreat data display with useful information easily powered from USB power sockets
Consonly 4 battery ports
By tommy
severn md
nice charger!
March 7, 2016
thanks for GREAT DEAL on an wonderful charger!
By D-Ray
Quad Cities, IL
This charger is the bomb!
January 25, 2016
I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this, thinking that it would show up and be cheap and chintzy. Not so! Very nice charger with a very cool readout that does more than I even understand. I like this so much, I am going to order another so that I have one at my office and one at home. Don't even give it another thought, order one of these!
ProsQuality construction, High Tech digital readout, fits many different sizes and types of rechargeable batteries.
ConsIt would be nice if it came with a USB cord with a wall plug, but you can pick one of these up at any home depot, etc. for a couple bucks. Not a big deal.
By Eric
New Milford, Connecticut
Nice charger, Easy to use
January 19, 2016
Excellent charger. Set it up and forget it.
ProsEasy to use, carry pouch included
By jesse
rossville, GA
nice charger for the money
January 6, 2016
I really like this charger the outer two slots are bigger to charge bigger batteries like 26650s and charge at 1000ma the middle two slots are narrower they fit the 18650 and smaller size batteries and charge at 500ma or if you charge three or more batteries it charges all at 500ma. Which works well because rarely do i charge more than two 18650s at a time so I put them in the outer slots and they charge at 1000ma which is faster. Then if I charge AA NIMH batteries I use the two middle slots which charge at 500ma or if I charge 3 or 4 AA'S they charge at 500ma which is a good charge current for them.
ProsReally like the display it shows the MAH that you put in the battery. It also stays cool while charging batteries and you can charge Lithium ion and NIMH batteries at the same time in different slots.
ConsThe power cord is USB but on the charger side it is proprietary so don't lose it. Wish it was micro USB on that charger end It also don't come with a USB wall adapter and the display don't show time spent charging the batteries.

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